Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman



Queue ‘Em…

Terri – A true to life story (though not actually true) about a boy struggling to fit in, to keep his unconventional and mentally ill uncle and caretaker above water, and to be a decent friend. Sweet and sad.

Greta Gerwig has my number. I like everything she does, so surprise! Mistress America is a boisterous romp with two future step-sisters as they navigate college and adulthood. A little bit wacky and full of great one-liners!

Au Service de la France – Also a bit wacky and terribly French. It’s 1960 and Andre has just joined the French secret service. He doesn’t know what he’s doing at work or in the romance department, but that’s okay, most of his colleagues don’t either! Laugh out loud funny. Beh, oui!

DOPE – Oh, my goodness. Three brilliant and nerdy teens get caught up in the L.A. drug trade. Hilarity, wicked-smart schemes, and a bit of terror ensues. The edge of our seat storytelling kinda stressed us out, in a good way. Gah. Great soundtrack, too!

Ex Machina – An uber-wealthy recluse and tech genius rewards one of his minions with a week at his estate to conduct tests on an artificial life form. Provocative! To what lengths would you go to gain freedom? An interesting question.

Another Earth – A woman who made a grave mistake years earlier attempts at penance in this heart wrenching film about the sudden appearance of a parallel world very close to home.

Parker Posey does nutty and brilliant as only she can! Price Check follows her as she attempts to revamp a poorly performing super market chain, turning the office on its ear.

How to Be Single – A very fun examination of the ways we struggle to find the right partner, very relatable, even though I haven’t been single in a quarter century! Whaat? Rebel Wilson positively steals the show.

The Heart Machine relays the tale of a man certain that his online girlfriend (they Skype) actually lives in town. Trippy. I love how it looks at the ways ways we unintentionally self sabotage to cope with fear and loneliness. Soo good.





Give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.

Walt Whitman



Lots of pictures, not many words. Me, as of late. Working on getting to a quiet place, one without so much house work. Ooh la la! We are on the home stretch, most definitely. The hubster had his final electrical inspection on the kitchen this afternoon. And photo documentation of that whole process is one trim piece away. Huzzah!

I am working hard to get phase one of our garden complete. Over the past few weeks, with the help of two of my favorite teenagers, I moved hundreds of pounds of rock, planted five evergreens of various species, four currants (two black, two red), one gooseberry, one rhubarb, one black raspberry, one rabbit brush, one serviceberry, one elderberry (though I wish I had two), one plum tree, one cherry tree, six lavender, one echinacea, three caryopteris, three reed grass, and five peonies! Two hundred bulbs and five iris go in the ground on Friday. Whaaat?

My office is still a hot mess, having to step over piles of “in process” organization, but the many wonderful distractions have been worth it. Like hiking in the fog with my friend Phoebe (brrrrr…). Hiking in the sun with my friend Katherine. Making pie cookies with sweet neighborhood littles and their Mama. Sleepovers with my parents, brother, and dear friend Jeff (In our comfy guest room! And on separate occasions!). Watching fil-ums and dining out with the hubster. Finally getting the kitchen completely organized. It’s a process, rewarding and slow. So very slow.

Happy Wednesday!



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