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wind blown


Wind Dancer

H.W. Tatum

Rollerblading Nun

She gave a homeless man candy bars and called him by name.



I’ve owned a Swiss Army knife since I was a teenager. It’s a big, bad-ass version, not with ALL the things, but darn close (the Swiss Champ, sans pliers or pen and pin, ruh-roh). The first longest stretch I’ve been without it happened on my honeymoon, when it was stolen from my pocket in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, a VERY sad day! I had to wait to replace it until arriving in Switzerland, which was actually pretty special. I still remember climbing up these steep steps to a tiny chalet and being utterly dazzled by the selection.

The second was this trip. I swore I put it in my purse and was wrecked when I went to slice an avocado and couldn’t find it. Every day, I would have a need for it, and every day I would be heartbroken not to have it. Then, under this sculpture in Corpus Christi (what say you, flowers or spurs?), I found one, nonchalant and half-hidden in the grass. Not as special as mine, but darn sweet. One of those grand times when the universe tipped its hat in my favor. Hey there, this blade was well loved and lost, but I know you’ll take good care of it. You bet I will.

tussock moth caterpillar

I heart Guadalupe

small mouth

Texas Surf Museum – it’s FREE, but they’ll gladly take a donation.


Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens



Goodbye, Corpus Christi!



A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

George Bernard Shaw


Fredericksburg Public Library – isn’t it a peach? Coincidentally, they are rather famous for their peaches, but we were a bit early for harvest, sigh.

Main Street is lined with charming buildings, many of them erected with Austin stone, which I LOVE. The original settlement, as you might have guessed from the name, was German, and named after King Frederick of Prussia (where my Sohn ancestors hail from). In keeping with this heritage, we noshed on some uber-tasty German cuisine at the aptly named Old German Bakery and Restaurant. We were not disappointed!

I don’t know if it is actually true, but this look, to my eye, is quintessentially Southern.

And on to the namesake town of one of the best country songs, EVER, Luckenbach, Texas. Juniper made acquaintance with one of the very few actual residents.

Oh boy, if ever I decide to move to truly greener pastures, I am high tailing it to Texas Hill Country. I never expected to be so smitten with this rolling, rollicking landscape, but boy howdy is it something, with every manner of flower and tree growing with abandon. Beautiful!

The San Antonio River Walk – my first glimpse since I was a babe of four.

Star jasmine, which took a bit of coaxing to grow in pots on our Portland patio positively thrives here, winding wildly amongst trees to massive hedges, some fifty feet in length. The scent and memory was positively intoxicating.

Tower of Life

Fine adobe and Guadalupe niche at La Villita

The wind can be whipping wildly and the streets crowded and cacophonous, but descend the stairs to the river walk and all is calm, lush, and contemplative.

Torch of Friendship

Remember the Alamo has NO basement.

Emily Morgan Hotel

Travis Park United Methodist Church

More River Walking

Bexar County Courthouse

San Fernando Cathedral

It’s a year-round fiesta inside Mi Tierra. So cheerful!

We enjoyed  muy delicioso hot chocolate and pastries and service as sweet and wondrous as the decor.


He makes my heart SO happy.

We didn’t try the Miller Bar-B-Q, but the building sure was fine.


Our Marfa digs: El Cosmico

Is it glamping if the toilet is 100 feet away?

Fab BBQ and beautiful art at Convenience West


As they fly…

Must have: yellow rose of Texas

We enjoyed the best margaritas of our trip and super service at the Hotel Paisano. The eats weren’t too shabby, either.

Non-vacation related, but SUPER important – ask for your beverages without a straw, even though they might give you one anyway. The United States uses 500 million straws PER DAY, enough to fill Yankee Stadium nine times every year. Say whaaat? If you’re feeling even more bold, try giving up single-use plastics altogether, as they are the largest source of debris in the ocean. The hubster and I avoid as much plastic packaging as possible, and bring our own cups, carryout containers, and utensils to restaurants that use plastic or styrofoam (we keep them in the car with our shopping baskets). It’s so easy to do! It’s also a great way to be remembered by your server. You’re the people who bring a container for PIE! You want the coconut, right?

So long, Marfa!


Got up and out before the sun to get a jump on this year’s road trip south to Texas! We stopped at my favorite Las Vegas and filled ourselves with happy at Charlie’s Spic and Span. The breakfast burrito for the hubster and stuffed sopapilla (Stuffy) for me. Egads, peeps, they know how to do breakfast RIGHT.

We spent our first night in Roswell and made ourselves comfortable with a little Fixer Upper and a tour of buildings past. Just in case you were wondering, there was no contact with extra-terrestrials. Sad face.

Side tracked in Carlsbad…

Cloud wave

Guadalupe Peak – the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet.

This used to be ocean…

Favorite Traveling Companions

Wind blown ear tips, so cute!

Van Horn

Marfa, our first destination in Texas. One old association, James Dean, on whom I had a very serious high school crush and bedroom walls plastered with his image. He filmed Giant, along with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, on a nearby ranch, waaay back in the day. One new association, about which I have read countless times, the Prada Marfa art installation by Elmgreen and Dragset.

I made my dress and like the crooked reflection of my legs in the plexiglass. If you look carefully, you can see the hubster patiently waiting for me to get the shot. The man is a gem of gems.

Drone, scanning the landscape for interlopers. Marfa is some sixty miles from the border, yet, according to the Patrolman we met on our travels, still sees a fairly steady number of migrants. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, I would love for everyone to arrive via the proper channels, but one of my own kin arrived illegally via a barrel hidden on a steamship, desperate for a better life. It makes it harder to find fault.

More Marfa tomorrow!

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