January 8, 2009

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I knew, just knew I should bring my camera with me today, but I didn’t, and you know this because I wouldn’t start the post this way otherwise.  Anyway, I met my ever-so-handsome hubby for a little lunch at Bridgeport Village today.  He works nearby (oh how I wish he were closer – hey Amber, is your hubby’s place of employment hiring? – that would be a stellar commute) and I occasionally visit for the California Pizza Kitchen salads and a little stop into J. Crew.  BIG SALE!  I bought wool pants, two wool cardigans (one in Bronco Orange!) and a super cute tee for $80.  That’s what I call a bargain.

Gosh, I’m turning into Virginia Woolf – should I buy the flowers?  No, the pants!

Finally, getting to my point, because, seriously, there is one; we also ate at our favorite sweet spot, Pudding on the Rice.  Alas, as I was saying in the beginning, I have no photo, so the bridge that is zooming by like my random thoughts is going to have to suffice.

The very modern and polished interior is run by a wonderfully kind and enthusiastic husband and wife team – though we’ve only met the wife and seen her talk to the hubby on the phone.  They’ve both quit their jobs and put everything they’ve got into this place, trading shifts so one of them will always be at home with the kids, which I think is grand.  Also, even more family oriented, the recipe for the heavenly pudding is her Swedish grandmother’s, and holy smokes is it good.  It is the best I have ever had – creamy, not too sweet, with a perfect texture and great flavor.  We’ve tried the chocolate, cinnamon, peanut butter, mint chocolate chip, cherry, and pistachio (mixed together makes Spumoni – Colleen’s favorite ice cream ever – just in case you wanted to know!).  If you can’t decide on one flavor, like me, she’s happy to put two in a cup.  By the way, the little cup looks rather wee, but it is plenty, unless you plan on skipping dinner.

If you are a local or plan on visiting the area, please give them a try.  And, if you are like my friend Sarah, and do not care for rice pudding – no worries mate!  They also have crepes and frozen yogurt.  We haven’t tried either, but can attest to the heavenly aroma and the smiles on the faces of those eating a crepe.