April 17, 2009

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Is it Friday already?  How did that happen?

Yesterday was a really nice day, weather wise, and the weekend (save today), if the forecasters have it on the money, is supposed to be exceptional.  I plan on being out in the sunshine as much as possible.  I am envisioning some major weed pulling, a long walk (wearing a skirt!), a bicycle ride, and clothes hanging dreamily from the line.

In contrast to last week’s music for drifting along, I’ve got a little something meant to get me plugged in, dialed up, moving, singing, shaking, and smiling.  Here goes:

“Pimpf” – Depeche Mode

“Roadhouse Blues” – The Doors

“No One Knows” – Queens of the Stone Age

“O Valencia!” – The Decemberists

“Over the Hills and Far Away” – Led Zeppelin

“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” – Primus (Les Claypool rocks)

“No Love Lost” – Joy Division

“White Tooth Man” – Iron & Wine

“Everything” – Stereo MC’s

“I Got You (I feel good)” – James Brown

“Don’t Sweat the Technique” – Eric B. & Rakim

“Giant Steps” – John Coltrane

“A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis

“Ain’t No Other Man” – Christina Aguilera (the girl can SING!)

“Again & Again” – the bird and the bee

“Let Me Go” – CAKE

“Prayer For You” – Texas

“Here’s Where the Story Ends” – The Sundays (the story but not the playlist)

“I Don’t Know What It Is” – Rufus Wainwright

“Back” – Alpha

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful weekend!