April 2009

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This past fall, I watched our neighbor’s dog Reggie while his humans, Pat and Kelly, were in Hawaii.  We had a grand time together.  Each morning and afternoon when I would arrive, he’d be sleeping in his dog bed, and I’d sit quietly on the floor next to him until he started to stir.  Then he’d run around the house like a puppy before I either fed him or took him for a walk around the neighborhood.

After this was done, I would sit on the back patio and read a book or magazine with Reggie either sleeping at my feet or with his head resting on my lap.  It was simply lovely.  In particular, I enjoyed how cozy it was outside, like I was in a living room, but able to feel the breeze on my cheek and smell the sweet scents of all the wonderful plants growing in the garden.

It was so pleasant that I decided then and there that I had to have a space like this at my house.  These photographs are the end result.  I am really pleased with it.  It was really a matter of furniture, as the potted plants (soon to be sweet smelling jasmine and bamboo) have been growing for ages.  We had one of the benches already, along with a round table and chairs, but the configuration just wasn’t right – no comfort, only awkwardness.  So, we gave said table and chairs to Reggie’s humans (we hardly used them) and bought another bench, two chairs, a side table, and coffee table (arriving in June) from a nice local furniture place.  We found the rug at Target along with the neat hurricane candle holder.  Which reminds me – has anyone seen citronella candles yet this season?  We’re going to need them!

Oh my goodness, it’s amazing how much more inviting it is.  Though the summery weather we’re enjoying certainly played a part in it, we’ve been outside every day and evening, sipping cool drinks, snacking, chatting, napping (the Hubster), reading magazines (me), and cuddling with the kitties.  The icing on the cake will be the cheery red cushions scheduled to arrive next week.  I love it!

p.s.  How handsome is my partner in crime?!

Is it Friday already?  How did that happen?

Yesterday was a really nice day, weather wise, and the weekend (save today), if the forecasters have it on the money, is supposed to be exceptional.  I plan on being out in the sunshine as much as possible.  I am envisioning some major weed pulling, a long walk (wearing a skirt!), a bicycle ride, and clothes hanging dreamily from the line.

In contrast to last week’s music for drifting along, I’ve got a little something meant to get me plugged in, dialed up, moving, singing, shaking, and smiling.  Here goes:

“Pimpf” – Depeche Mode

“Roadhouse Blues” – The Doors

“No One Knows” – Queens of the Stone Age

“O Valencia!” – The Decemberists

“Over the Hills and Far Away” – Led Zeppelin

“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” – Primus (Les Claypool rocks)

“No Love Lost” – Joy Division

“White Tooth Man” – Iron & Wine

“Everything” – Stereo MC’s

“I Got You (I feel good)” – James Brown

“Don’t Sweat the Technique” – Eric B. & Rakim

“Giant Steps” – John Coltrane

“A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis

“Ain’t No Other Man” – Christina Aguilera (the girl can SING!)

“Again & Again” – the bird and the bee

“Let Me Go” – CAKE

“Prayer For You” – Texas

“Here’s Where the Story Ends” – The Sundays (the story but not the playlist)

“I Don’t Know What It Is” – Rufus Wainwright

“Back” – Alpha

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful weekend!

Something that I love about the life I share with Greg is the fact that we are just happy to be together.  Maybe it is the fact that we’ve been a couple for eighteen years, but we realize that there is so little we truly need from each other.  We are each our own source of happiness and joy, modified by the fact there is someone truly wonderful to cuddle with each night in bed.

We have no grand expectations or idealized versions of what our life should look like.  What we have is what we want and relish, every last bit:  being in the same room, listening to music, watching a movie, sharing a smile, a laugh, or, in this case, a meal.

This was our Sunday dinner.  Neither of us has ever outgrown the fish fillets of our youth.  So we baked some up, and I made tartar sauce and rosemary (fresh from the garden!) home fries to accompany them.  It certainly wasn’t anything gourmet, but, with his company, it sure felt like it.  Every bite was delicious.  A real treat!

Meet Wilbur, another one of my gnome friends.  He was hoping I would keep him company today as he trundled various twigs and bits of debris around the garden.  We had no such luck, however.  Every time I went to put my boots on, the rain would start, and sometimes, as in this case, the hail, too!

I tried three different times to no avail.  I guess Mother Nature thought I’d be better off indoors today.  It so happens she was right.  I am happily typing away after a big basement clean-up.  I put away the stray tools, cleaned up cat messes, filled three boxes with various bits and bobs for the Goodwill, and gathered a rather tall pile of all the remaining boxes that need to be cut and bound for the recycling bin.   Then I swept, vacuumed, and smiled contentedly at a job well done.

I love a productive day…

I watched part of the American Masters program on Philip Glass the other night.  He is quite the dynamic character, and his music really reflects this.  It was so fascinating to learn how there is always music playing in his mind, and when he composes, sometimes he has to strain to hear the notes.  He doesn’t necessarily feel as though he is writing, but rather listening and scrambling to get it down with pencil and paper before it is gone.

I think writing is like that for me.  I’ve always got my stories going, and sometimes, not nearly often enough, I sit at the keyboard and try to keep pace with the words as they stream through my mind.  On the occasions when I hear music, unlike Mr. Glass, it is never my own, unique composition, though sometimes it is one of his!

This is what I’ve been hearing lately and actually queued up on the I-Pod.  I call it Drifting.  Try it yourself, you’ll see why.

“From the Same Hill” – Brian Eno

“Astral Weeks” – Van Morrison

“Sunset Soon Forgotten” – Iron & Wine

“Johnson’s Aeroplane” – INXS

“The Way” – Jill Scott

“Dime Que Te Quea” – Gecko Turner

“Umi Says” – Mos Def

“Sometime Later” – Alpha

“Jennifer” – Eurythmics

“Naima” – John Coltrane

“Moonlight Mile” – The Rolling Stones

“Going to California” – Led Zeppelin

“North Dakota” – Lyle Lovett

“Blue Sunday” – The Doors

“Violet” –  Seal

“Alone in Kyoto” – Air

Have a great weekend!

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