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I made the best barbacoa meat a couple weeks ago, slow cooked all night long, and worth the effort. We enjoyed it every which way for days.

I don’t know what the pink flower is, but it cheered the path for a couple of weeks. The teensy yellow blossoms of the Russian Olive make for a heavenly scented walk and help make up for the trees highly invasive nature.

Shrimp & Grits!!

A front garden yucca getting ready to shine…

It’s cherry season, y’all!

I am trying my hand at water kefir – the less funky cousin to kombucha. This was blueberry lemonade and sipped like a dream. Hope you are as well as can be and keeping it positive!

Normally, I am the one of this couple to be dashing about hurriedly for Greg to look at some strange bug or creature rambling about. Today, however, I was treated to this beauty, and I could not be more grateful. It is an eight spotted forester moth and a complete dazzler. Thank you, Buddy!

More iris blooms in the front garden. Like a true debutante, she took her sweet time.

This morning’s garden, at my favorite time of day, before the blaze of sun fades its luster. I like to wake before the hubster, kiss his sweet cheek, and roam in my nightgown, Juniper my ever curious companion. After taking in the scent of blossoms and tugging the spritely starts of weeds, I tuck in on the bench, listen to birdsong, and the sounds of a lively city awakening and heading off to work. It is good medicine.

This year’s first peony bloom. It never fails to disappoint.

Today’s lunch, before and after. I roasted orange wedges and sauteed chicken in an orange honey sauce, which bubbled down into the finest sweet-hot reduction. There was lettuce and fennel and carrot and feta, too.

Hello, and happy Wednesday! Greg and I have slowed down on the sweets, thankfully, with these from over the past few weeks rather than days. Our thighs are grateful!! A hazelnut brownie, pineapple upside down cake, and panna cotta with a ground cherry and grapefruit sauce. Eeek, so good!

I made a jalapeno and onion jam and topped pork chops with it, pineapple curry, lasagna (homemade noodles using the machine I inherited from my Grandma!), and Greg made the mac and green chile cheese and beautiful salad. All spectacularly good.

It’s iris season, and these are our first two blossoms. Woot!

Juniper eyes the squirrel atop the fence…

monster cookie

Sunday’s homemade ice cream, walnut and chocolate. I made the walnut with the green walnut liqueur, like the delicious variety I made ages and ages ago, but since there are no green walnuts to glean in my neighborhood, I resorted to purchasing a bottle. I suppose it ought to go without saying, but the ice creams were both fantastic!


Juniper does her sweet beggar best to convince the hubster to share his smoked BBQ chicken, corn, and ranch dressing topped salad.

Another stellar batch of green chile and a new recipe for homemade tortillas from Ford Fry. So. VERY. good.

Farmer Greg tends the carrot and onion patch. No sprouts, yet, but we do have two teeny tiny lettuces leaves going. Baby steps!

plum blossoms


Hello Tuesday!

Though we are healthy and lucky in so many ways, yesterday was a hard one. I felt as though I was hearing all the bad news of the past months in a single violent wallop, sending every last marble skittering every which way and rendering me helpless to capture them. I am not normally someone who needs a drink, but boy howdy, a prickly pear margarita has never tasted so good nor made such quick work of smoothing all the jagged edges. Gratitude is the word.

Greg and I continue to make our mostly solitary way, going out for provisions every ten days or so and avoiding people, restaurants, and coffee shops. So when we got a craving for burgers, I tried my hand at brioche buns and perhaps ruined us for eating a burger anywhere else. They were simply amazing.

I’ve also come to realize how much my eating reflects this place that is home: the Southwest. Like grits in the South, salmon and berries in the Pacific Northwest, my diet is so utterely centered around green chile, eating it nearly every day, including on the burger.

Greg looking positively adorable AND excited for peach pie and cinnamon-sugar twists with pie dough remnants. Darn tasty!

Green chile again! We topped an open faced breakfast sandwich with brioche (the same batch as the buns), bacon, and cheddar. The breakfast of champions.

Stumbled upon this “lady” on one of our walkabouts. Speechless.

Everyone in our neighborhood taking COVID-19 seriously….

Hope you are well. HUGS….


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