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Our house, as it was when we first laid eyes on it, nice, but definitely needing our stamp. It was exactly what we wanted, a brick ranch of the ilk I grew up in and that my grandparents owned. Solid. Humble. No frills. A giant garden!

During the dig, dig, digging – the hubster waving hello!

And now. Mostly new windows and coverings and a beloved front door. The color is Black Magic. We still need to replace the glass in the garage door and get a new driveway and sidewalk, but now there is no grass to mow! Though it hardly looks it from the picture, there are dozens of plants, mostly natives and not-too-thirsty. Some are so itty-bitty as to require a hey, don’t step on me! fairy circle of rocks around them, but there, rooting down and sending their spritely sprouts skyward. Pink, purple, white, blue – with more bees than we can count, hummingbirds, and butterflies, too. Grow, grow, grow!

Bachelor buttons and much moving and shaking happening in our neck of the woods! The buttons are considered invasive much of the place, but so quaint and sweetly scented that I forgive them their trespasses. Over the past couple of weeks, we put more plants in the ground and purchased a passel more – I stopped counting at 100. ¬†We also rid ourselves of the lawn out front and covered it with most of the 14 yards (!) of bark mulch purchased as of late. The word is transformative, though about 1.5 yards remains in a lump curbside. I’m too pooped to move it today, but sssssoooon! Our nephew Tyler helped us with some of the work, schlepping multiple loads from the landscaping place in his Ford F-150 and around the yard via shovel and wheelbarrow. The truck is nearly the same model we shared with our dear Portland neighbors Pat and Kelly, and made us ever so happy to reminisce about. Good times, brown skin, and sore bodies, my dear peeps! How much closer we are to the finish line now. WOOT!

We’ve also been busy socializing with family and friends, to-ing and fro-ing around town and up yonder to Littleton, walking Juniper less than we ought due to yard work fatigue, and eating poorly out of the same fatigue. That bit of nonsense stops now because I cannot stand a tender tummy one more day! Just as soon as I finish this bit of word-smithing I am heading to the grocery for a mess-o-greens and vegetables.

I had another two peonies bloom and one is on the ready, which makes my heart too happy for words. So, an embarrassment of riches, I suppose, as it usually is around here. I’ll get some before and after photos of the yard up sometime soon.

Here’s hoping you are well and enjoying this soon to be summer time…


I am the pool of gold when sunset burns and dies – you are my deepening skies; give me your stars to hold.

Sara Teasdale

* * *

After a little hand wringing from two ugly hail storms, I was worried it wouldn’t happen, but alas, my first peony in our Colorado garden has bloomed – huzzah!


God writes the gospel not in the bible alone, but also on the trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.

Martin Luther


Homemade kombucha in the house! That’s what’s happening to-day. Way back in our Portland days (we’ve been gone three and a half years! WOW!), we made heaps and tons of kombucha. As we didn’t feel like schlepping a SCOBY or two or three across the country to Pennsylvania, we left all means of production behind. Curiously enough, when we had our pre-move garage sale, the people who bought all the gear were getting ready to start their own brew operation. Great minds think alike, eh?

This time around, we are adding flavors, upping our game a bit. Or so I hope. I made these this morning and thusly have no clue if they will actually be worth drinking. Fingers crossed! Since my memory isn’t what it used to be, AND I bought a cool chalk board pen, I made my notes right on the bottle.

Also what’s happening – much, much planting! Over the past week, we’ve put in five trees, two shrubs, and thirty-eight plants, with about fifty more to go. I kid you not. Most of the labor done by yours truly because the hubster has been earning our bread AND busting up a hideous monstrosity of a patio, sledge hammer chain-gang style, while I dig, dig, dig. “What we have here is a failure to communicate…” Not really. We are ace communicators, the two of us, mind readers even. I just think of Cool Hand Luke at times of day-long outdoor labor is all.

Anyhoo, hopefully all will flourish and our yard won’t look so very, very brown.

Happy Friday!

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