September 1, 2010

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Here it is, my friends, quilt number two, aptly named Strawberry Fields.

I am so very, very pleased with the way this turned out.  I love the combination of colors – the deep red paired with the acid green is so darn cheery, a sunny country morning in a field of strawberries, not to mention all the cute polka dots.  Have I ever shared my love for the polka dot with you?  Zowie!  It is ever so true.  I fretted a bit over the arrangement of the squares, wondering if I should try for random or the highly organized fashion that is the end result.  I just don’t think I have that in my genes.  I am an ordered person, so I’m glad I did it this way.  It’s very pleasing to follow lines of strawberries, dots, and greens.   The fact that I got the binding right this time (many thanks to the Connecting Threads tutorial on YouTube) is the juicy sweet strawberry on top!

If you’re wondering, I didn’t use a pattern.  I had a particular size of batting left over from my first quilt, so the size was determined.  When I looked through my stash, I loved the combination of the mixed greens, polka dots, and strawberries, but it wasn’t nearly enough fabric.  So I went to Fabric Depot, samples in hand, and found the right combination to tie it all together.  Rather than have the back be entirely polka dotted, I decided to really tie it in with the front, so it’s almost a continuation.  I like it!

Speaking of liking, sweet Paris likes it too, so much so that I think she believes it is HERS.  As I was tying it, she tried to get up on my lap, not once, but four times, eventually lying on a corner on the floor, not budging.  I got up to turn the music down, and she immediately took her place upon it, growling when I moved her back to her little spot.  See that menacing look up there?  Very real!  Once I finished, we shared it, me happily, Paris somewhat grudgingly.

It should come as no surprise that I think I am a quilter now and kind of wish I had discovered it sooner.  It is such pleasing work!