February 26, 2014

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Hey Brother!


A big ol’ post, just because.

I am a super sucker for the bucket drummers and always tip generously. They work so hard, even in the rain!

The blue is sky.

At Memorial Coliseum to watch the Winterhawks win! There were a ridiculous amount of fights, r i d i c u l o u s. The first occurred a mere 1:20 into the game, sheesh. Give me a good check against the boards any day, but I cannot abide a fist fight, no siree. The little ones were four – six years old, and so sweet to watch. I was happy to see a girl amongst them!

On a related note, the hubster and I were laughing at all things Colleen. She likes watching hockey, tennis, and wild birds but never football or basketball. Give her beautiful architecture or good music of any variety and she is happy. Petite and smiling, but physically and emotionally stronger than she appears. She likes to garden, paint, draw, write, take pictures, and dance like a crazy person. She often quotes Seinfeld, obscure fil-ums, and song lyrics. She is kind and generous, a good baker and cook. A nutter butter in a nice package and wrathful when appropriate. Be kind to her.

Hey brother!

That’s Chris, son number one and child number three in the Sohn line-up. He was visiting for a long weekend.

We walked and talked and admired stained glass and water. This is at Mount Tabor.

Walk number two took us downtown, with the requisite stop at Powell’s, of course; Cacao, for the hubster and his mad love for all things chocolate; and Grassa, where yummy fresh pasta and the best fritto misto rule the land. Yup, yup. Oh, and the bike is where the Zoobombers converge.

Walk number three was over six miles! Our bunch is strong of leg and constitution! The camellias and witch hazel are in bloom! Look up to find art!

Chris and Colleen sporting spectacular spectacles.

And, finally, Jen LaRoche, one of the finest massage therapists, ever! I have been meaning to tell you about her for ages. She’s been soothing my aching limbs (and spirit) for a few years now, and in the most spectacularly kind and thorough fashion. I am a big fan of deep tissue and Thai massage, and Jen really is the best of the best. She bends and folds me like a pretzel, and I giggle with delight. I kid you not. If ever you need a massage, do yourself a favor and give Jen at Satya a try!