March 20, 2020

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A left-handed mug from a potter in New Mexico, whose name I have long forgotten. I say left-handed because, if you’ll note the curve on the bottom when the handle is on the left and the flat side opposite. I, a lefty (explains a bit, eh?), never noticed it, and was puzzled (and even chuckled) every time a righty used it and spilled drink on him or herself. Then a friend (Hi Brooke!!) put two and two together. It’s pretty much MY mug now, though I do explain and give the option to guests.

How are you feeling? Healthy, I sincerely hope. I am well, with a mild case of paranoia. Is the scratch in my throat COVID-19? Wait, I just sneezed or sniffled or dry-coughed or whatever. No, seriously. Is this IT?

So we are drinking steaming beverages in fine mugs (see above), for comfort and joy. If we’ve got it, we’ve got it. Though it’s been a full week since making contact with another human, besides yards away on Juniper jaunts, and quite literally spraying mail & packages with disinfectant, rendering me hopeful. That said, some people are asymptomatic for 10-14 days. So there’s still time for this bugger to make itself known. Ugh.

What to do in the meantime? Cook and eat, of course! Pray. For every single one of us. Every chance I get. Sweat out my anxiety with a morning workout plus the aforementioned twice daily Juniper jaunt. Read magazines, books, blogs, a cereal box. Watch movies and home shows and whatever strikes our fancy on HBO and PBS and Netflix (more on that later). Put NPR on for the essentials and turn off before becoming demoralized. Find great solace in music. All kinds. Yesterday we went Texas style with a jammin’ ZZ Top (La Grange!!) and Stevie Ray Vaughan (Lenny!!) marathon. Hot damn.

As for the eating, I’ve made: roasted red pepper and tomato soup; jalapeno and cheddar spoonbread served with Boulder breakfast sausage; blueberry coffeecake; walnut and blue cheese crackers; curried cauliflower soup; blue cheese salad dressing atop a lovely tossed salad; peanut butter cup and birthday sprinkle ice cream – complete with cake batter (pasteurized eggs) and frosting! Double hot damn.

I realize I’m full on What I Ate at the moment. Sore-ee, not sorry. It all photographs nicely and our local exterior landscape has been pretty uninspiring, as in brown, very brown. I do see some tufts of greening grass and crocus peeking their heads above ground, and maybe a tulip or two, the eternal hope of spring. So maybe something other than nibbles will grace this space soon.

In the meantime, much love and good health to you and yours.