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The ears!!

Hello gentle reader!

Look at that angelic face. Dogs really do bring a body closer to heaven, all infinite love and silliness. Our girl Juniper Beulah has been with us for nearly three years now (alrighty! already!), and boy howdy, does she melt our hearts on a daily basis. She’s wicked smart, adorable in her cozy clothes, wildy affectionate (give Pops a kiss!), a champion wiggle-butt, and all around cutie. One evening a week in winter, we leave her crate door open (have I ever told you that she puts herself to bed?) and she trot, trot, trots down the hall for stellar all night cuddles. There are some swift kicks (ouch!) and barky-yippy dreams, too, but, like everything good in life, it’s worth it in the end.

She is still a little fearful of the outside world, yet infinitely loyal, mostly to us, but also to her best pals Cody and Charlie, giving sweet whinny-sniffs every time we walk past their house. And oh, when we cross paths on walks, it’s a right glee fest.

Here’s to many more joy-filled years…

Lacing my sneakers while sitting on the bed. That light and the view! I bought the bust probably twenty years ago, at Three Monkeys on 23rd in Portland (I did a little search, and it’s still there. Huzzah!). People are always asking who she (he? gender fluid?) is, but I really couldn’t say. A secret to be revealed at a later date, maybe. The sea urchin candle holder, so fine in daytime, is over the top lovely when lit. My favorite photo of us on our wedding day, taken by my Uncle Ronnie. It makes me smile and revel in our Everlasting Gobstopper happiness. Indeed.

Our January gluten light reset (going all out is SO hard!) is progressing swimmingly. Curried cauliflower soup and smoked chicken thighs with a harissa honey glaze and mussels and mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce our most recent dazzlers. Worth every bit of effort!


Had a super fun time with our nephew Jett this week! He was working locally and bunked at our place. We ate a lot and nearly drank our weight in boba tea!

These were the last photos I took of him, some seven years ago, when he was shorter than me, so it was about time we updated that situation.

He’s since graduated from high school and started work as an electrician’s apprentice. Greg and I are super proud of his accomplishments an even more so of his humanity. He’s a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. We love you, Jett!



Took a step back in time today, to visit Glen Eyrie Castle, the home of William Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. Though we all know my Native American ancestors had a bit of a jump on him! It was a rare treat, as every room of the castle was available for viewing, including each of the guest rooms. We had two stellar and knowledgeable tour guides, and oohed and aahed over details grand and small.

As you can tell, I was most intrigued by the views, imagining quiet moments wandering from gorgeous window to window, conjuring the supreme quiet of every season: a drift of snow, froth of new green, arc of azure sky and rock formations and evergreens at every turn.

We ended our tour with a very British high tea, with that pretty salad, wee sandwiches, biscuits, and scones and equally good conversation. Thank you, Cori (front and center), for the marvelous suggestion. Happy Birthday to you!

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Art Fix

It’s Not About the Numbers, by James Surles

Wendy Mike and De Lane Bredvick

Mother’s Desk (typewriter and desk made of cast glass!!), by Steven Durow

Judy Crook – animation, by Jennifer Steinkamp

Greg watches A Very Long Line –  a film that traverses the length of the United States border with Mexico. Dizzying…

Reminiscent of the temporal works of Andy Goldsworthy, Raven Chacon’s evocative film captures stunning images painted on icebergs.

John Wayne sculpture, by Marisol & Portrait of Gerald Marr, by Peter Hurd

San Jose, Arroyo Hondo Sculptor

blurred entry

I got a much needed art fix with the full cooperation of the the hubster one afternoon a few weekends ago. The Colorado College Fine Arts Center has an exquisite and very well-curated collection in a Goldilocks, just-right space. We got up close and personal with all of the pieces without being overwhelmed by the sheer number. So used to hearing only whispers or the creak of shoes on a wooden floor, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the works that featured sound. Additionally, the FAC has a tactile gallery where everyone is encouraged to touch the art. Super-cool! Glad to have it in the neighborhood, and sorry I took so long to get there.

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