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The Borderland

Two halves of every whole, an old idea born every day.

What of that space between?

That lacuna, that absence, that hollow?

In perception, in time, in being?

Two souls, ideas, enemies

Hurtling, spinning, in the infinite space

Between what is and what will be.

Of anticipation, of life, of ultimate pleasure, and pain.

Before change, death, rebirth.

The space between notes, letters, lovers, breath.

I want to go there.

Dwell in the miracle.

Before creation,

Before all is discovered, known, and destroyed.

The place of the gods,

Not mine.

Art & Letters is a collaboration:

The gods Dionysus, Eros, & Thanatos drawn by Maren Jensen

Interpreted by Colleen Sohn

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Happy October, gentle readers.  It is with much anticipation and excitement that I welcome you to the very first edition of Art and Letters with Colleen Sohn and Maren Jensen!  What is it, you ask?  A wholly artistic collaboration where each week Maren (her most excellent blog: Maren Jensen) and I will take turns inspiring each other to create, she via the visual arts and me letters, words, and phrases.

I’m trying to keep it cool here, so as not to embarrass my friend (though she knows my brand of cheese very well), but holy smokes!  I am thrilled, not just to be working with Maren (the cat’s pajamas!), who is amazingly talented (the Art and Letters banner is her lovely work, too), but to have the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer.

For this first edition, I sent the poem to Maren, and she produced the watercolor.  I hope you like them both!

A Little Help from Thom

Forty circles,

Forty lines,

Forty people I wasn’t before.

Eyes, mouth, hands, knees:

It’s not me.

This isn’t happening.

Penning a new story.

Focus in before fading out,

Float down the Liffey and begin again.


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