September 1, 2013

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The hubster, in exchange for a dearth of holidays early in the year, gets Fridays off in August, the best of summer sipped like a fine cocktail and making September oh-so-long. We take full advantage on forays near and far. For this final treat, westward-ho to the coast we went, and I fell in love with beach grass, the muted song of fluttering waves and razor sharp points nipping at my bare ankles. Thusly, I renewed my affection for the scent of salt water, roaring sea, and rolling blankets of warm clouds. I also remembered how much I enjoyed the PBS series on Lewis and Clark and decided to revisit it soon.

Marsh’s Free Museum (you probably know why they are famous, but I won’t spoil it with a photo) and the Carousel in Long Beach.

South to Astoria

Trophies and fine burgers (try the Southwestern Portabella!) at Astoria Coffee House & Bistro

Treasures galore at one of the coolest shops ever: Astoria Vintage Hardware

Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe

Delicious Mochas

Street 14 Coffee

More deliciousness in the form of Almond Pastry

Have a Happy Labor Day!

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