January 31, 2020

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Aloha and happy Friday! How wonderful does Hawaii sound at the moment? An earful of crashing waves and the scent of plumeria on the breeze. A bit like heaven, indeed.

This post is not about Hawaii (but I’ve got a few from back in the day {and the hubster sans beard!!} if your eyes need that variety of candy.). Rather, it is about some of my makings and doings as of late, or not so late because one of the necklaces is more than a a year old. You know how time flies!

The most special of the necklaces are the second and third, as they are made with medals from my Great Aunt Mary’s collection. Only part of which I kept – there were hundreds! She’s been living it up in heaven for more years than I can remember now, but remains ever so close in spirit and via these gems. I love you, Aunt Mary!

The wooly creations are a result the acorn obsession I spoke of earlier, though still no acorn. Ha! For scale, that’s a quarter gleaming over to the side. These are such fun to make! I really don’t need a collection of them, however, so I am contemplating surreptitiously placing them among their kin at the grocery, as little smiles to the world. I’d label them with puns – “Popped up to say you’re great!” Or some such. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks it would be fun to stumble upon one.

And finally, I did not make the board (that came from Magnolia), but the hummus, pita, jelly, and crackers were all made by my hands, and the ensemble too lovely not to photograph. I enjoyed these treats with my dear friend Cori before we ventured to the Ent Center Wednesday evening to see Beyond Calligraphy by the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. If you are even slightly interested in modern dance and near a show, get yourself a ticket and go, go, go. It was the most magical, evocative, and beautiful performance I have ever seen. Wow, just wow!