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Wedding Bells

And this – wedding bells for my sweet little-no-more cousin and his lovely bride last Saturday. My goodness, Williams Peak Ranch is the most beautiful setting I’ve ever seen to exchange vows.

We had a grand time – fun and silly and chatty and so much L O V E. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

I think, perhaps, one of the best things in this life is to rise early and walk or hike or bike, while the world is mostly still and mostly quiet, and the sun hasn’t yet reached its zenith, steam rising, plants dewy, the air redolent of pine and damp earth. This, of course, is made even better if one is accompanied by the dearest of dear friends and kisses and hugs are exchanged, hands held, and exultations are made about beauty and luck and fine art (Patrick Dougherty) and wild scents on the breeze.

Follow this with a trip to the market, small batch jam making, strawberry and the best peach ever, the reading of books while enjoying the gentlest of window breezes, before an early bed-time, and you have, my dear peeps, the makings of a most perfect day. Yes, you do.

Oh, and Happy Birthday America!!


For a long time now, the hubster and I haven’t bought each other gifts. We’ve got the love of our dreams and the life we want, so it seemed unnecessary. Until. Until we bought this house and have been working almost every single day for thirteen weeks to fix it up. Knowing that we have about thirteen more. Having that giant dumpster in the back yard for more than two months, big time stinky smelly from a laborer tossing something other than construction waste in it, something oh-so FOUL. Hoping for favorable winds so we could open a window or take a break out back. Yeah, blech.

And then the realization that our birthdays are our FORTY-FIFTH! As a good friend said, halfway to ninety. Holy shit. So we bought a telescope for our mutual delight at star gazing and imagining what if? We looked at Jupiter Wednesday night and three of its moons, Mars, too, from our own, sweet smelling, dumpster-free yard. The wonders of the universe and height of splendor, peeps, the absolute height!

And because I don’t have the attachment for my camera, YET, I snapped photos of my yard gazing while the hubster’s eye was on the sky. Good times, happy nights, and more to come!

Be well…




The hubster was out of town last week, arriving home late Friday. Lucky man missed the raucous madness and gawped come the light of morning at all that had been done.

We spent the weekend catching up, with each other, with sleep, with lawn (ahem, dandelion) mowing, with errands, with food, with cuddles and quiet and loud-ass traffic. Life, basically. Good, sweet, delicious.

And this morning, these blossoms beckoned from across the street.

Nothing much and everything. All at once.

Happy Monday!


Hello dear reader! I’ve come up from under a mound of boxes to say hello!

We are in what we hope to be our forever house now (at least till death do us part), and I am running around like a crazy person trying to establish a sense of order. The house is filthy and shabby, some places downright gross, and no matter how much I mop and clean, it remains stubbornly dirty. Fear not, I shall reign victorious!

In between my mop and sponge wielding, I unpack, lose and find things; look for electricians, plumbers, woodworkers; pick out windows, doors, cabinets, tile, counter tops, paint, and floors. Not one room of this house will be forsaken.

In other great news, we are sleeping in our own comfortable bed! I am taking fantastically long and guilt-free baths in a temporarily pink tub! We are now proud citizens of Colorado Springs, which, if you didn’t know is a pretty¬†snazzy place.

We remain absolutely awestruck that we chose such a magnificently beautiful patch of earth, with the stunning views above a mere ten minute walk from our house! Over the coming days, months, and years, I will do my best capture it all and share it with you.

But for now, I’m pooped. See you later…


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