October 27, 2008

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October Sun

Do you ever have those times when you realize that your life really is something special, that it is filled with remarkable people and perfect days?  So much so that you wish you could take it with both hands and dance around the room, laughing and twirling with glee?  That is how I feel when I reflect on this past weekend.  I want to take my lovely life for a joyful spin on the dance floor, and whisper in her ear, “This is it; you need no more, no less.”

It began with a phone call, that led to another, and an impromptu dinner party Friday night at Bridget’s.  We stayed way past bed time, listening to great music, chatting about all manner of things, receiving “smoothing” lessons from sweet Stella, eating, drinking, and loving it all.

Saturday found us in the yard, attending to the needs of the birds, enjoying the sun with Milo and Paris, before venturing to the other side of town, in search of corduroys, but finding some cake, too.

Then there was Sunday, glorious Sunday.  Late to rise, we walked over to Sweetness for a bit of a farewell (the reason will come later), before continuing on to the library, poring over books of all shapes and sizes, bringing many home.  All the while, we chatted happily – of big ideas, and tiny random thoughts, with sprinkles of kisses and hugs.

Yes, this weekend was a keeper of the highest order for the Pollyanna file.  How about yours?