November 17, 2008

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Well, finally, sheesh.  I was so tickled that my Arizona pal Kelli, tagged me, but then when I sat down to do it, not a single thing popped into my head that I hadn’t said before on the blog – maybe I should keep the cards a little closer to the vest, huh?  So after days of thinking,  I asked the hubster to help me out, and here’s what we came up with.  This time, I’m going to tag people back, too, but not six because I don’t know that many, at least in the blogging world!  So how about it Amber and Sarah?  Six random facts for the good of the order…

1. I was once a pastry chef for a creepy uni-browed man named Bruno. And why was he creepy, you might ask?  He told me that I should wear red lipstick to work.  Yeah, like that would make the cakes taste any better!

2. I have a very keen sense of smell.  It drives my hubby nuts.  “Do you smell that?”  “Um, no.”  “Well, I do, and it’s awful!  Help me find it!”

3. I am a J Crew-aholic.  Thank goodness for good sales.

4. I can have a very short fuse, particularly with my cat Milo.  He likes to paw at the blinds, making this awful racket, like he’s doing right now.  I yell, then he runs away and comes back in two minutes to start it all over again.

5. I love maps of all kinds.  I find them beautiful and inspiring.

6. I love Star Trek movies!  My favorites are Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and First Contact.  Even though I’ve seen them both many times I always cry when Spock dies and love it when Data says for how many milliseconds he was tempted by the Borg.  Good stuff.  This also brings me to random fact number six and a half:  It is Star Trek, not track.  Whew – glad I cleared that up!

Have a great day…