March 1, 2010

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Meet my new favorite moisturizer.  Yes, I’m serious!

I have come to believe, no matter how crazy I may seem in saying so, that simple and natural are best.  I am no longer swayed by promises or pretty packaging (nothing like a gallon bucket to prove that point!) but rather common sense.  Does it make sense to slather my body in heaven knows what kind of chemicals to keep my skin from aging?  With coconut oil, I don’t have to wonder.  This bucket of goodness contains exactly one ingredient, grown organically to protect not only the earth, but the farmers and their families bringing it to me.  There are absolutely no surprises like strange colors, potentially harmful preservatives, or perfumes, save the one Mother Nature provided.  So, if I accidentally get some in my mouth, I’m not left with some awful taste or an upset tummy.  What’s more, I can literally eat it (and do – it’s delicious and good for you!).  I wouldn’t dare do that with any conventional lotion, no way, no how.  Which is kind of crazy, really.

The best part is that it really is a terrific moisturizer.  It is light, rubs in easily without feeling greasy, and, because I am not actually keen on smelling like a beach all day, the scent of coconut doesn’t linger.  You can’t beat the price either, $37 for a GALLON that will last me and the hubster up to two years.  Unlike other conventional moisturizers, it is quite multi-purpose, too.  I use it head to toe – hair (a wonderful conditioner), face, lips, body, hands, and feet.   It’s pretty terrific on the hubster’s very sensitive skin, I might add – literally the only moisturizer he’s ever tried that doesn’t irritate his skin.  Now that’s saying something.

If you decide to try it, you’ll find it at the supermarket (you may have to look in the health food section) with olive oils and such.  It comes in a peanut butter size jar and costs about $10.  Try to buy organic and unrefined, as refining heats the oil and diminishes it’s healing properties.  As well, coconut oil is solid at temperatures under 74 degrees.  If your house is cold, like mine, you’ll need some sort of spreader to scrape off what you need (a little goes a long way), but also know that it will get very mushy (nearly liquid but not quite) in the summer or in warm places.  If you find that you really like it and want to take the gallon plunge like we did, we bought ours from the awesome Mountain Rose Herbs.  I cannot praise this company enough.  They have great values, a great product selection, and great customer service.