April 28, 2010

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Hello friends!  We’re back in Hawaii (at least virtually) and a tranquil day on Waimea Bay.  During the winter, this is literally the center of the Surfing Universe, with waves reaching up to forty feet!

White, very white.

I’m snorkeling in Shark’s Cove.  What a delight to have the undersea world opened up to me.  There were hundreds of beautiful fish!

Though new to the sport, the hubster is very serious about snorkeling.

Despite the simplistic nature of snorkeling, it made us super hungry.  Something about being tossed around by the sea, I suppose.  These shrimp shacks line the north coast along the Windward Shore, near where the shrimp is harvested.  This particular shack was run by three adorable local teens who were equally comfortable speaking Japanese or English, very cool.  We had finger licking good garlic butter and spicy garlic butter shrimp, served with rice, of course.  Double yum.

The view from La’ie point.  The large hole in the island was caused by a tsunami literally punching through it in 1946.  Thankfully we missed out on activity of this variety.

We still got to see some pretty serious waves and beautiful blue water.

Happy haolies.

Kahana Bay

Driving to Yokohama Bay on the Waianaie coast.

More snorkeling!

Yokohama Bay – the end of the road.  Oh what an end…