October 11, 2010

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Good Morning Gentle Readers!  Good Morning Jimmy Fallon (I hope)!

This post started out as something completely different.  A dear friend of mine lost her father recently (big hug to you, sweetheart) and wrote how she would love to hear about more normal activities, as she is knee deep in all of the tasks inherent with the loss of a loved one: cleaning house, dealing with banks, bills, a will, etc.  When I first read the message, I could comply.  I was up to my usual.

Then, yadda, yadda, yadda, I quit my job and our car got stolen (though, thankfully, not on the same day).  Not fun or normal.  Yet, in the midst of it all, I found myself smiling and laughing, in part because of Jimmy Fallon.  In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, I mentioned his awesome work hosting the Emmy Awards a while back.  Then I saw him, along with Justin Timberlake and the best house band in late night television, The Roots, do an equally awesome history of rap on his show.  I watched it on a loop for about half an hour, and then dashed off to the computer whenever I needed a pick-me-up.  It made my heart fill with glee, people!  I was dazzled and singing at the top of my voice (that is, where I could keep up).

Then I got to thinking about how that seems to happen every time I watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  It’s just a terrific show.  I love his style (check out the suit and shoes in the video with Justin – tip top!), his sense of humor and easy laughter, the way his smile lights up his face, his sincere interest in his guests, and most of all, I think, the sheer fun factor of the show.  He’s fearless and up for anything.  Let’s rap!  Let’s play football poker!  Let’s get bothered in a tree! LATE!

It made me want to be there, as a guest, sharing a laugh and a smile.  But I’m not famous.  I’ve written a novel that has yet to have representation and write a little blog all the way across the country.  What to do?  It being election season and all, I decided to launch my own campaign to be a guest on the show.  This week begins with my credentials in the everyday, and the two following Mondays will be, let’s say, more nuanced.

I guess I’ve really taken the Mark Twain quotation from my last post to heart.  I may succeed, or I may crash and burn, but hot damn, I’m out of the harbor!  As well, I know the video isn’t the best quality (sorry Brian Williams), and our cat Milo speaks before I do, but I had a grand time making it – a blast of silliness and sheer Colleen style goofiness.  It took the sting out of a craptastic week and put a smile on my face (and that of my hubster/camera man).  Jimmy, I hope you like it, too!

Happy Birthday to my brother Aaron!