October 13, 2010

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Hello friends –

I hope your morning is as sunshiney and lovely as mine.  Portland is experiencing the most stellar fall weather, I must say!  Though, even if it weren’t gorgeous out, I think the warmth I’m feeling from your friendship and support could light the world.  You are awesome and make me smile!  Thank you!

But, I must lament here, too, for our sad little Subaru.  As I mentioned in Monday’s post, it was stolen last week, and though it has been returned, it caused some pretty awful stirrings in me.  People are thoughtless and cruel sometimes, seriously.

Also, a shout out to anyone driving an older Subaru, get a club and actually use it.  Had we used ours, our car would still be intact (they took the stereo), for the thieves used a key from another Subaru to enter ours, soundlessly, in the still of the night.  They then broke the key off in the ignition, so we don’t have the luxury of actually driving it without some serious repairs.  Again, thoughtless and cruel.  Sigh.

There is a silver lining, however, and this being me, you knew it was coming, right?  The hubster had been wanting to ride his bike more often, but it seemed there was never enough time with everything else that keeps him busy.  Well, having one remaining car and a wife with appointments to keep, he decided that he would join the legions of Portlanders who bike to work.  We made a trip to REI this past weekend and got him everything we could think of to make this happen – a pannier, warm and wicking base layers, waterproof pants, safety glasses, and enough lights to make him look like Christmas on a bicycle.  Yesterday was his first time out.  He came home sweaty and enthusiastic last night and plans to keep it up, rain or shine, three days a week, until the cows come home, so to speak.

So, life is grand.  We have one car that works, another car we probably no longer need, and a handsome hubster getting a healthy dose of fresh air, flashing lights, and exercise!  I love my life.  I really and truly do.

Thanks for reading!