March 2, 2011

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Very cold and uninspired today, so I am resorting to my favorite page in Vanity Fair, the very last, or first, in my case.  Have I ever told you that I read magazines back to front?  It’s probably because I am a left-handed deviant.

Perfect Happiness: Being warm, but not hot, while doing exactly what I please.  The hubster is nearby doing the same.

Greatest Fear: Unrecognized talent.

Most Admired: Anyone unafraid to live the truth.

My Most deplored trait: Spiteful.

Most deplored trait in others: Insecurity.  It colors everything.

The Most Overrated Virtue: Honor.

What do I dislike most about my appearance? My toes.

What living person do I most despise? Myself, though I’m getting better.

Words or phrases I most overuse: You know?

Greatest Regret: Not loving myself sooner.

Greatest Love of My Life: Gregory Spencer Cooper

Happiest Time: Right Now.

Talent would I most like to have: To work harder. To be more focused.

Current State of Mind: Pleasant anticipation.

One thing I’d like to change about myself: Lengthen my unpredictable fuse.

One thing I’d like to change about my family: Less insecurity would be nice.

Greatest Achievement: Me

Lowest Depth of Misery? Not believing in one’s worth.

Favorite Occupation: Enjoying life as it is, not as it “should” be.

My Most Marked Characteristic: Desire to improve.

What do I most value in my friends? Ease in their own skin.

Real Life Heroes: RFK, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Most Dislike: The various incarnations of insecurity.  It’s a definite theme for me.

What animal would I come back as? A cormorant – I could swim, fly, and not mind the cold.

How would I like to die? Peacefully.

What is your motto? Be yourself.