March 29, 2011

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Bathing Birdie

Look at our little sweetheart.  Adorable, I think.  Oddly enough, she is a cat who doesn’t mind a bath, which is good, because, rather unfortunately, she’s in for a lot more of them.  At sixteen, her grooming isn’t what it once was, places harder to reach, or maybe maintaining a certain degree of cleanliness is no longer a concern.  This girl has her own mind, to be sure.  Combine that with some health problems I will leave to your imagination, and she’s on an every other week bathing schedule.  Lots of meows and rubs in the sink before a tight swaddle in a towel and a date with the hair dryer.  The end result is a super fluff and stuff scented like a summer cedar forest.  Lovely and ever so soft.  Good girl!