May 1, 2012

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May day! May day! The first time I heard any variation of that expression was on the Hardy Boys Mysteries on TV as a kid. Man, did I love that show, and Parker Stevenson. He was pretty good eye candy, drove a cool van, and was super smart! Oh dear, what a TV baby I was. The handsome G-Man was, too, though we didn’t watch the same shows. Until meeting him, I grudgingly watched any sort of Star Trek (only liking when Spock was on screen), for instance. Now, I quote it, “Earl Grey, hot,” and “Make it so, Number One,” while wishing for a Holodeck in the basement, among other things. Love holds very mysterious powers, my friends, indeed.

And love him, I do. How could I not? He likes art and picked out the Suitcase painting! He looks good in glasses! He builds sheds! He is a computer genius! He is good with children (a fun sleepover with our little friend last night) and cats and people, with a particular fondness for a petite sassafras named Colleen Sohn. Lucky, lucky me.