May 8, 2012

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Hello Tuesday –

A fine beginning to a day. The most welcome spring light shining through the window and a still life of one little boy’s investigation of the smallest of shells and my jewelry. He picked up each and every one, absolutely delighting in the tininess made BIG, the sum and the parts manifesting through a lens to his brown-ish eye. “Your eye is brown-ish, too, Colleen. Greg’s eye is blue.”

I like that he said brown-ish at the ripe age of four, that he can see the nuance, that there is green and some yellow in there, too. I like that he can speak his mind with me, sharing what makes him nervous (big kids watching him go down the slide) and happy (sitting next to me during dinner, sweet sigh) and sad (his friend when he is mean). I like that I can be my goofiest, cavorting around the yard and house, in my usual way, with him in on it, making up stories during long piggy-back rides while I sing to Radiohead. The gorgeous alchemy of two happy souls moving in tandem before he rests his head on my lap and drifts off to sleep. Another play-date and sleepover for the record books.