March 15, 2011

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I am doing my best to embrace an ebb period, gaining strength as I swim circles in the vortex of life.  Writing, for me, right now, is pretty difficult.  Keeping a single train of thought is also difficult, and, quite frankly, tiring.  I feel as though my brain is chasing some bit of ephemera.  Every time I feel I have it, it slips from my grasp.  There are, however, moments of illumination, which I hold gratefully in a tight metaphorical embrace.  Like that last post, it came pouring out while I was making the soufflé pictured above (which was delicious), two minutes on a blue legal pad, boom.  I’ve got it!  This post, well, I’ve been at the keyboard for about an hour, scratching my head, and it still feels a bit off.  Definitely ebbing.  Hoping the best for you.

p.s. Thanks Katie, for asking.  I appreciate it!