May 16, 2014

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This scene, Oak Island on Sauvie Island and not an island at all, just the grandest stand of ancient oaks surrounded by a waist high carpet of green, sent my heart agallop. This neck of the woods always borders on the sublime, immense and filled with every possible wonder. A leafy raw azure, the rustle of brush, and my hand skimming the grass.

Out with my friend Laura and her dog Chipper. No pet of my acquaintance more thoroughly lives up to his name. Smiling, leaping, bounding, tongue lolling, and tail wagging, I felt constantly buoyed by his lively presence. Not that I needed it! At every turn, I filled with such delight at my place on this patch of damp earth. Bird song and Laura who knew every single call! Oriole! Spotted Towhee! Savannah Sparrow! Bewick’s Wren! Black Headed Grosbeak!

All was lovely, bright and happy as new pennies and this fairy house. Momentarily empty, her occupants surely observing us from the brush.

One stupendous view after another, Sturgeon Lake and Mount Saint Helens.

And this pastoral scene, repeated again and again, a myriad of cows moseying and baying and regarding us with equal curiosity. A fine morning it was. Thank you Laura and Chipper for inviting me along!