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South Side

Carousing, in our mild way, on the streets of the South Side. I found a dozen pennies and a couple nickels scattered on the ground, some thoughtful person anticipating my delight, I like to think, that weird woman who will always stop for a coin. To state the obvious, I love the collection of neon here, probably Pittsburgh’s best concentration, juxtaposed against the cow’s head, perched high, and gazing down on them all. Old and young, we all live together.

We ate far more than we ought at Winghart’s, including a ridiculously rich and enormous funnel cake (such a weak spot for fried dough!), no carnival required. Winghart’s, along with Burgatory and Benjamin’s, makes the best burgers in town. My favorites all have jalapenos on them, just in case you were wondering. I like spicy (but not so much as to ruin the flavor), and with the exception of home cooking, it’s very difficult to find in these parts. No Tabasco for eggs. Mild salsa. Not-so-hot and sour soup. My friend calls it the mid-west palate. It makes my mouth sad.

Speaking of palates, are you geared up and ready for all foods homey and Thanksgiving? No spice necessary! We are going to friends for the feast and bringing Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, mashed sweet potatoes, and home made pecan pie. It’s funny how foods like crescent rolls and jellied cranberry (which our friends are providing), that when tried as an adult are often offensive, yet are integral to the Thanksgiving experience, how every adult I’ve ever met must have at least one item served at their childhood table. Whether it is nostalgia or expectations, I’m not certain, but I like the sweetness of it, how we carry so much of youth with us, always.

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All aboard from last weekend’s super fun adventure to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum! A mere forty minute drive from our place, it was a welcome change from our longer distance travels. The museum is a rather impressive labor of love, with 161 volunteers and five paid staff restoring and maintaining trolleys, track, and buildings (one of them is partially solar powered!), giving tours, and running the gift shop. I love to witness cross-generational interest in just about anything, so when I discovered that our operator and conductor (who punches actual tickets!) were both young men, and the littlest traveler on our trolley was a positively giddy two-year-old, I was pretty jazzed, too.

They have a short informational film about the history of the street car, and our conductor went into other details, the majority of which we didn’t know, and I won’t spoil for anyone interested in visiting. They have trolleys from just about every era in every stage of repair. The wooden one was saved from detonation when a hurricane submerged it under water. My favorite, which also happened to be the one we rode on, was a 1940’s model that hailed from Philadelphia. It was a stunner, with fine interior and exterior paint and examples of vintage advertising, too. “Give her an electric mixer. She’ll love to use it!”

I really can’t recommend it more highly, from the charming volunteers to the pleasing rumble and squeak of a trolley rolling down the track. Oh, and if Santa is your jam, they have a special Santa Trolley coming soon!


Franktuary – yum!


Sunset over the North Side

Carnegie Mellon University

Otherwise under the weather and too tired for words…


Fooling around in the Yayoi Kusama works at the Mattress Factory, a contemporary art museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side. It is very unique in that it is about spaces, indoors and out, and the art isn’t hung on the walls, per se. It is drawn on them, holds them up; it’s strung hither and thither to the ceiling, the floor; it is a place to sit, an organized pile of chaos, an illusion, a light (or an absence of it), even sound. Wonderfully wondrous, a bit wild, too.

 Catso, Red

James Turrell

Winifred Lutz

We saved our visit here and the Carnegie (below) for the hubster’s parents to enjoy with us. Hello!

The Mattress Factory occupies a collection of neighborhood buildings. I spied a lobelia making the best of a crack in the pavement on our way to the next exhibit.

It makes me think of a Subterranean Homesick Alien, which always makes me happy.

Living Things

Jacob Douenias / Ethan Frier

This did not read this blue in person, but I like the look of it anyhow. Follow this link if you’d like to see a more accurate representation.

The Color of Temperance: Embodied Energy

Julie Shenkelberg

Shift Lens

Anne Lindberg

Even the shadows look like art.

Trace of Memory

Chiharu Shiota

City of Asylum

House Poem

Huang Xiang

Burma House

Khet Mar

Across the Allegheny for a delicious lunch break at The Porch (NO pictures! Shocking.) and a little tour of the Cathedral of Learning

Inside the Carnegie Museum

Having Fun/Good Life, Symptoms

Bruce Nauman

Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts Variation D

Dan Graham

Telling Vision #3

Tony Oursler

I don’t know who made this, but I sure like it.

Happy Friday!


1970 Monte Carlo

1956 Buick Roadmaster

1950 Frazer

Je suis pret means I am ready!

1963 Cadillac

Hello fellow yinzers! If you are interested in cars and are available anywhere from 5 – 9, please do yourself a favor and go to the Starlite Car Cruise that is happening tonight in Wexford. We met our friend Kristen (Can you see your reflection in the Nova picture?) last week for the festivities and had a thoroughly good time. It is a rather huge affair, with row upon row of amazing autos of all ages and a small section of motorcycles, too. We went on Pontiac night (tonight is trucks), and I was incredibly happy to drool over many a beautiful GTO, though I didn’t get a decent picture of one because of shadows and open hoods and such. Wah!

They also have a good selection of snacks and drinks (I recommend the kettle corn), so it’s okay to arrive hungry. It’s also right by a few restaurants; we enjoyed dinner at the Dive but the #15 plate at Forgotten Taste is pretty terrific, too. The Giant Eagle Market District shopping center at Pine Township is also across the road, so you know, you can mix business with pleasure. We did.

Alright, pitch over. However you spend your evening, I hope it is lovely!


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