April 14, 2008

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A sense of humor is very important.  Take this photo for instance.  I know that I don’t actually look glamorous, but I can pretend that I do, even in this get-up.  Get-up, now that’s an expression I’ve never typed before.  It looks a little funny.  Anyway, I call it my John Travolta outfit.  It reminds me of the white suit he wore in Saturday Night Fever, minus the mud stained bottom and paint drips, of course. 

I wore this a couple of weekends ago when I was helping the dear hubster take off the vinyl siding that the previous owners put on half of the house.  A little FYI here for all you home owners.  It is much better, and cheaper to pay to have the whole house painted than put vinyl siding on half of it.  I swear

As I was saying, it was awfully cold outside (the weather not matching the orginal forecast when planning this monstrous task), and I knew that this outfit would keep me warm and free of icky debris.  It did the trick, while also slowing traffic in front of our home.  Here is a simulated dialogue:

“Oh my gosh honey, slow down!  But not too much, we don’t want to call attention to ourselves.” 

“What on earth?  Is that a man or a woman?  And what on earth is it wearing?”

“Crap, I think it saw us, speed up, speed up!”

Back to that sense of humor.  Had I not been graced with a very healthy one, I would not be able to laugh at myself while wearing this outfit,  cope with life’s difficulties, or write blog posts about Hans and Sven. 

Life is good!