April 24, 2008

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Meet Milo, the kitty of many aliases:  The Little Man, Doody, Heavy Doody, Boo, Boo Boo, and my personal favorite, Chunk-o-Punk.

The top picture really says it best.  Milo is a kitty on the go, well, except when he’s sleeping.  This little guy’s got so much energy and curiousity that it has, on occasion, driven me to drink.  He’s not like Paris.  He’s more of a bull in a china shop kind of kitty.  He’s clumsy and often down right awkward.  We prefer to think of him as a giant dog trapped in the body of a cat.  What else can explain the broken knick-nacks and knocked over lamps?  I mean jeez, aren’t cats supposed to have grace?  Bless his heart if he ever falls from a great height, for I fear that he would not land on his feet, but his head.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, that might be just what he needs!

Oh goodness, I’m terrible.  After all that, you’d think that I don’t like him, but I really really do.  He is such a lover, my sweet boy, so cuddly, too – whether I’m writing, reading, or watching television, Milo likes to sit on my lap, purring all the while.   He’s also a great watch kitty.  We can always tell when there’s a stranger about because Milo growls before high tailing it to the basement and hiding.  Also, quite unlike Paris, he does not have a delicate constitution.  Milo can eat practically anything and rapido!  The boy doesn’t mess around.

His favorite activities:

Defending the territories.  If Milo sees a cat entering the yard, he turns into THE LTTLE MAN, furiously running from window to window, growling.  If we decide to let him out at these times, he gives the wayward cat the business: growling, hissing, or otherwise informing the offender that he or she is most certainly not welcome.  He will not abide a strange kitty in our yard, no siree.

Playing with string.  He loves to pull string around the house.  Even better, he likes for you to pull it around, so he can chase it.  It’s alive!

Caressing the catnip.  We grow catnip in our yard.  Milo likes to walk in circles around the plant, giving it gentle nudges before, of course, taking a bite or two.

Pretending he’s an alarm clock.  This can be a joy or a curse, depending on the morning.  Sometimes, he will bat at the blinds, or try to knock the lamp over.  Other times, he jumps on my belly and purrs loudly while giving me a little massage with his paws.