August 7, 2009

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Writer and director John Hughes died yesterday.  He had a heart attack while out walking in his Manhattan neighborhood.  I hope that there was some comfort to that, in walking around the city that is home, dying surrounded by the familiar.  If I were able to choose, I think that would be a pretty good way to go, don’t you?   Then there is the enviable way that Nico died, while out riding her bicycle.  I wonder if she was singing, when suddenly it felt like she was flying, E.T. style, out of the beautiful day to day and into the sweet hereafter.  Until it is our time, I suppose we’ll never know.

I am digressing, however, for this post isn’t about dying or flying, but the films of John Hughes.  Boy did I love his movies!  When I originally started writing this post, I included details from my favorites and why they were so special, but that somehow tainted the magic of  the stories I return to again and again.  So instead, I leave you with my favorites (one might surprise you!) and your own precious memories to conjure…