January 12, 2010

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The Portland Chinese Classical Garden, in celebration of ten years in the heart of the city and the changing of its name to Lan Su (Garden of Awakening Orchids), offered free admission for ten days, starting after the new year.  The hubster and I took advantage, as we hadn’t visited the garden since it’s inaugural season.  It was as beautiful and tranquil as I remembered, and quite thankfully, they limited the number of people in at a time, so it did didn’t feel at all crowded, save in the line out front.

The flow of water creates the unique shape of a Lake Tai Rock.

The dragonfish swallows all evil influences and protects the building from fire.

I have always admired paths like these, so beautiful and precisely laid.  And, just in case you were wondering, no one stepped on my blue suede shoes.

Bamboo is a friend of winter, bending in storms, but not breaking – a reminder of perseverance.

The Chinese believe that a view within a view creates the illusion of infinite space.

The Yin reflection of the sky is mirrored on the Yang of the earth below.

I have always loved this sign, but it would not be our final stop for lunch.

Being who we are, we decided an Irish meal at Kells was on order.  Fish and chips (the BEST), soup, and salad.

And, of course, a little Guinness, too, with hard cider to make a Snakebite.  A fine winter day.

Hey brother.  Happy Birthday!

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