February 24, 2010

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Have I ever told you about how the hubster and I share a preternatural ability for wanting the same thing at the very same time?  And not just once in a blue moon, either.  It is a rather regular occurrence and doesn’t stem from nineteen years of being a couple – it’s happened all along.  The most memorable and thrilling example occurred rather early in our relationship.  We’d been dating for a few months, and I knew, deep in my heart of hearts, that this man was IT, I-T, IT, so, as we were lying in bed one morning, I asked him to marry me.  Never one to lose his temper, and much to my surprise, he slammed his fist on the bedside table and said, “I was just going to ask YOU!”  We laughed, kissed, and hugged, and knew we were off to a great start.  The same goes for moving to Oregon.  I got it in my mind that we should leave Colorado.  Lo and behold, on the very afternoon I decided to tell the hubster, he came into our apartment and said, “I think we should move.”  Magic.

So, it should come as no surprise that we were both itching to go for a drive in the country this past weekend, to do a little something different, decide to eat at one restaurant, hear about another equally enticing one and (without mentioning a word so as not to disappoint the other) want to eat at said establishment rather than the first, only to discover that the first restaurant was closed for a private party, and we both got what we wanted again (insert giggles and smiles here).  Life really is grand, especially when you are on the same wavelength.

McMinnville, our delightful destination, is a neat town or maybe city?  It has a population of 32,762 (I am trusting the sign and my memory of it are both correct), with some great architecture and restaurants.  Being in Oregon wine country, there are lots and lots of places in town to sample the delicious fruits of their labor.  As serendipity would have it, we just so happened to be there on the monthly art walk and wine tasting, buying a bottle of Coelho Pinot Noir and some blackberry honey, too.

A clever and beautiful arrangement of flowers.

I think he liked it.

La Rambla – Tapas for dinner.

Our beautiful dining partner.

I prefer his company.

Time to go!