February 16, 2010

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What a lovely weekend it was around here – lots of activity, but not at all busy, full of fresh air, exercise, beauty, good company, and good food.  The highlight was another Portland City Walk.  It had been a while since we last ventured out on one, and it was wonderful to see yet another neighborhood, especially one so very close to home, in a new light.  Terrific, I must say.  Having the hubster home for an extra day was the veritable cherry on top!

Now, to the walk.  Near our beginning point is the stunning gold statue of Joan of Arc – donated in remembrance of American soldiers who fought in World War I.  For non Portlanders, Joan is located at the center of a traffic circle, and not at all easy to access on foot.  We braved the waves of cars and were glad to appreciate an up close and personal view of this luminous lady.

The violets are in bloom!  I want a patch of these in my yard – the scent is intoxicating, and they taste lovely, too.  Choward’s Violet Candy, anyone?

A funky red-roofed abode, you know why.

Charming hellebores.

The beautiful east wall at Laurelhurst Park.

The first of the camellia blooms, too bad they don’t have a scent to match their good looks.

Much further into the walk – the Historic Belmont Fire Station.  Open the second Saturday of each month (lucky us!), it is a tribute to fire fighting and safety in the Portland area.  A real gem!  We took our lunch break across the street at the India Oven.  We love this place, especially now that they’ve moved into this new and improved location.  Malai Kofta, Chana Masala, naan, and Chai.  Double yum!

I’m not a firefighter, but I play one on my blog.

This truck cab is a simulator.  Hop in, buckle up, and go for a ride on a call to an emergency.  It feels very real.

Did you know that fire hats were originally made of leather?

The original bell to the fire house.  Look at the size of it.  Ooh la, la! I can only imagine the sound it made.

Light on Alder Street.

Mighty Oak leaves.

This walk is a hoot!


The mansion on the hill.

This giant tree and, rather unfortunately, impossibly hard to view sculpture of Shiva Nataraja, are on the grounds of a beautiful Edwardian (best guess) mansion built as an Old People’s Home in 1910.  It is now the Portland home of The Movement Center, offering a multitude of yoga and meditation classes.  I can’t tell you how many times I passed this building without knowing it was here.  I am so excited to have found it!

One of the grand entrances to the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

A fine end to our super day – pizza from Wy’East.  Run by two kind-hearted pizza lovers, Red and Squish, it’s cart food at it’s finest, and a great way to support the neighborhood.

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