April 4, 2011

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After what seemed like an interminable amount of time without sun or warm temperatures, there was an extra special treat of nearly cloudless skies and sixty-eight degrees on Friday.  We in Portlandia were dancing a proverbial jig, my friends.  I celebrated by mowing the very long lawn, which was more than eight inches tall in some places.  I kid you not.  It was a fine workout, going over it three times, with our earth friendly, but very inefficient electric mower.  To top it off, I took a leisurely stroll to the library (come along with the photos below…), camera in hand, sunglasses on, a warm weather rock star out for a good time.  Ho ho!

Today we are back to the grey and cold, with ice cube toes to prove it and a mushy mind that is taking ages to write this post, but whatever.  I am happy.  The weekend was a ten.  I’m meeting Shiva Rea this week (dancing another jig), seeing an old friend for the first time in more than twenty years (thanks Facebook!),  and generally creating my own sunshine.  I hope you are, too!

Somebody bottle this!

Delicate, but tough, this flower.  A bit like me, maybe.

The truck in the background matches.  They’re an outfit!

Bare Shade

A favorite house: a fantastic yard teeming with flora and fauna and the biggest rosebush known to man.

Sun + Shade = Heaven

Magnolia Sky

Tricksters: they smell like garlic!