April 26, 2011

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I love you, our relationship, and how special every day with you is.  I love that we can get mad at each other without it hurting who we are together.  I love that you are handsome with your sparkly blue eyes. I love that you are taller than me and can reach items on the high shelf without a ladder.  I love that you take good care of yourself.  I love that you work to make our lives better. I love that you are generous and give good hugs.  I love that you are funny and make me laugh almost every day.  I love that we have the same values and sense of the world.  I love that you love computers and speak their language.  I love your scent, that sweet spot, just there, on your cheek.  I love that you’re learning to play the piano.  I love that you wonder.  I love that we cuddle every night in bed and in the mornings, too.  I love you.