August 3, 2011

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Back when real film was ubiquitous, not all of these simple, yet amazing, zeros and ones, my mom took a picture of my brother, I think it was Chris, and his Easter basket.  He might have been holding up an egg or the stuffed rabbit nestled inside.  When we got it back from the developer, he was there, happily smiling, but not where he was meant to be.  He was hovering over something else, maybe the sofa, in another picture.  Double exposed.  A misfiring of camera sprocketry and the cause of wonder.

This photo is not double exposed, though it would be nice to blame the bags under my eyes on something besides the late hour.  I’d like to maintain the delusion that I look picture perfect at every hour of the day, however improbable. This is my first self-portrait with my new and improved, yet not too fancy, camera.  I’m calling it “Kitchen Window with Bags Under Eyes: Outfit Matches Decor.”  How’s that for a title?

As for the camera, it’s a Kodak Z990, a super pimped up version of our old point-and-shoot, also a Kodak.  I’m a Kodak devotee from way back to my elementary school Instamatic days, if you recall.    That’s my camera, and I’m sticking to it.  I learned my lesson messing with a good thing because the one time I delved into non-Kodak territory, it didn’t turn out so well.  The hubster bought a super snazzy camera in Japan, supposed to be the shit, that actually  turned out to be just plain shit (will you listen to that potty mouth?!).  Lesson learned.

So here I am, taking new photos, possibly delving into ISO and f-stops and all that jazz.  I am happy so far, even if it can’t be jammed into a cargo pocket.  I love cargo pockets.

As for the rest of life, I have so much to show and tell, but it must wait for another day.  My brain is too mooshy-mooshy from all the bathroom remodeling.   In the mean time, be well!