August 22, 2011

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Back when I got home from my Shiva Rea yoga retreat, and I nearly drove the hubster nutty singing the praises of Bellingham and all its treasures, we scheduled a trip to prove I wasn’t hallucinating or a liar (tee hee), in what seemed a very far away time, at the height of summer.  That far away date came in the blink of an eye, like so much in life, this past weekend, and I couldn’t be more pleased at the timing.  Who knew in April that we’d be tearing our hair out at the comings and goings of plumbers, tile layers, and contractors and in dire need of a break from the house?  Who also knew that it would be very Portland hot while we continued on our Goldilocks streak of weather in Bellingham?  Someone very very kind, I should think, and to whom I extend my sincerest thanks.

We left in the pre-dawn light Friday, the hubster sleeping a little while I mastered the cruise control and softly sang Radiohead tunes (Not just once, not just twice…) and enjoyed the exquisite beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  I love this place: the light, the trees, the smell.  It’s home.  We arrived first at Mount Vernon, a cute town  about a half hour south of Bellingham and to the aforementioned Goldilocks weather after some heavy fog had me waxing poetic and slightly panicked, “If only you could see how beautiful it is right here Buddy.  Mountains almost like Switzerland and sweet farms and the bluest sky!”

The shots down to the Telephone are the very Mayberry feeling Mount Vernon.  This is the train station, probably the most modern building we saw.

You look mahvelous considering you’re nearly 130 years old.  Hardly any wrinkles!

I love neon, even in daylight.

This place looks very quaint and sleepy but is actually quite large inside and packed with people eating delicious smelling food and the biggest cinnamon rolls we’ve ever seen.

The photo does not do it justice.  It was tasty, but not as good as our favorite Grand Central Bakery variety.  Since it was also very sticky, and I was dumb and didn’t request napkins, I washed my hands PWT style in a nearby fountain.  No shame or class!

A sweet statue on one of the main streets, First Avenue, I think.

I love sights like this, old school and simple in their beauty.

Welcome to Big Rock Garden in Bellingham.

A small park , tucked in a residential neighborhood, it has a wide variety of sculptures of varying styles and material – a gem of a place.

It’s not terribly easy to find, unless you take the one sign quite literally, which we didn’t and had a bit of a ramble next to Lake Whatcom.

I don’t know why, but this makes me think of Aldous Huxley.  Take your soma!

This was the hubster’s favorite.  My sci-fi guy.

We were the only people at the garden and felt as though we were trespassing in some sacred place.

One of the many beautiful buildings I didn’t photograph last time.

Our next album cover: Encumbered Tracks

The G-Man enjoying the window seat at The Chrysalis.

No matter the hour, the view is lovely.

Wouldn’t you agree?

These views, though not from our window, were also quite nice, and just steps away.