March 7, 2012

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Last Saturday I got a bee in my bonnet to do something different. I am this way, craving variety and adventure, that gotta get outta the house feeling. Oh, and it better be fun! A long walk, a bicycle ride, a new restaurant, an art show, or in this case, roller skating. It had been at least ten years since we last partook in this activity, with a slew of super fun people when I was in AmeriCorps. Did you know that about me? I don’t recall if I’ve ever written about it. I did home repairs for low income seniors and disabled people at a super cool non-profit that we still support, REACH Community Development. It mostly meant painting, but I also built porches, installed handrails, fixed plumbing and gutters, among other things. It was interesting work with equally interesting people. I would not do it again. Writing is my game, and I’m happy to know it.

So, we went and had a blast. It was a virtual love-fest, I tell you. Everyone was so nice and happy and having just as much fun as we were, which was an awful lot. It was a diverse crowd: young, old, all shapes and sizes and backgrounds. So many good skaters, too! They had moooves, if you know what I mean. Quite in contrast, we did not, but that certainly made us no less enthusiastic, even when I fell on my ass on my very last lap. The very last! My tail bone is a might sore, but it was worth it. Yes, indeedy.



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