April 22, 2013

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Hello sunshine! Hello dear readers! I am celebrating two weekends worth of digging, mulching, squatting, and shoveling with photos.

The little sprouts are peas. The big leaves are rhubarb. Cross your fingers that the slugs don’t devour them all!

A brave gnome protects the boysenberries. The mulched area in the foreground is our new blueberry patch.

The herb garden and cherry tree.

The flower garden, with one fat squirrel going to town on bird seed. Everyone needs to eat!

The new strawberry patch. There’s a terracotta hedgehog, too.

From the gate.

Red roof with scrub jay and our apple tree in full boom.

The Indian plum hedge is slowly looking like one!

Woodland path with pink azalea.

Last weekend’s labor – mulch, mulch, mulch!

Dogwood and tulip blooming.

Happy Earth Day!