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Pep Talk

Pep Talk from Kid President

I needed this today, maybe you did, too.

Oh, and by the way, YOU are awesome, truly.

Happy Sunday! Yesterday was a lovely day, straight from my Colorado childhood, with fat flakes dancing and swirling and uttering hush. We walked to the park with our cardboard “sleds” to join the multitudes. It was a mellow ride compared to the toboggans and saucers, but no less fun. I laughed, loud and hearty, my heart full of joy at such a simple pleasure. We came home, my legs wobbly from so much running up the hill,  and warmed with hot chocolate and a deliciously hot bath. We cuddled, humans and felines alike, and snacked with movies on the sofa. And this morning, I awoke to the magical Dr. Zhivago coating of ice. Lovely and crackly, with birds, squirrels, and this human skittering to feed and capture the splendor of it all.

Look at these sweet kids! Twenty-three years since our first date. Oh, how the time flies…

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Happy Snow Day, Portland! And for everyone in the country with heaps and tons and more and more and more snow than you ever care to see again in your lifetime, my apologies. For the first time since we moved here from Denver fifteen years ago, I am happy for this snow, even asked for it to come. I will take any bit of moisture at the moment. It’s been so very dry here that I often feel like I am back in Denver, with static electric hair, shocks in stocking feet, and genuine sunrises and sunsets, not just the hours where the clouds diffuse slightly more light before going darker still.

I got up early to go out in the quiet, me and the birds, mostly, and a few paw prints out in the side yard. I walked down to the park, snow a pleasant crunch under my feet. There were a couple of sledders getting ready to enjoy the hill, and I wished for a sled myself. Back home to shovel the walk and eat hot from the oven homemade sticky buns that I started last night, though they turned out a tad too sweet.

Oh, and the sun’s just popped out of the clouds! Time for more pictures!

May you have a marvelous day…


When you go,
if you go,
And I should want to die,
there’s nothing I’d be saved by
more than the time
you fell asleep in my arms
in a trust so gentle
I let the darkening room
drink up the evening, till
rest, or the new rain
lightly roused you awake.
I asked if you heard the rain in your dream
and half dreaming still you only said, I love you.

Edwin Morgan

Wishful thinking…about the rain, at least.

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My style is classic: turtlenecks, cardigans, ankle length jeans and corduroys, ballet flats, and a bit of sparkle.


Grandma Rouble’s wedding ring. I wear it with l o v e.


Faster with cake!


Milo, our little heat seeker. If there is warmth, he will find it: a lap, a heat register, a cozy corner, a sliver of sunlight.

One Community is a monthly project in which participants photograph their homes and community with a theme in mind. The goal is to both showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide – and bring us all closer together in understanding through art.

Would you like to join us? Post one or more photos for each of this month’s theme words, chosen by Kelli, style, heirloom, heartbeat and warmth, and add your blog post to the link-up. Easy! It begins today, February 5th, and stays open for one week.

Snap happy!


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