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Wednesday, I…

awoke with the sun, to cuddles and the purring of cats.

ate every strawberry I picked.

set my abs and butt on fire with Cassey Ho. Silly and fun, she kills me every time!

mowed and fertilized, and plunged my hands into earthy compost.

heard the first steady hum of bees on blossoming lavender.

got bouquets, cards, and well wishes from friends and loved ones.

walked with the hubster, love of my life.

ate dinner to the Bee Gees, Hall & Oates, and Fleetwood Mac, and sang my heart out!

realized, in a weepy moment of gratitude, that the greatest gift I’ve recently received is that I am finally surrounded by MY people. I’ve shed the drama queens and gossips, the self-absorbed, the unkind, the ones who lack the common courtesy to call or email. My people are kind, caring, fascinating, fun, and super duper smart. We get each other. We love each other. We share all we have and all that we are.

A pretty terrific way to celebrate forty-three orbits around the sun!

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More miniatures at the Mount Hood Model Engineers Open House. Egads, soo cool! Within walking distance from our house, we’ve been itching to go for years and finally remembered on the right day and at the right time. Good golly was it fantastic. My hat is off to the kindly gentlemen of all ages, eager to share what they know and show off some super cool HO Scale Model trains. Thank you so much!

Susan, they DO scenery!


One week ago today, gallivanting on Mississippi. Sunny and warm, the town ebullient and smiling and happy for a gentle breeze. Our bellies led us to Radar and were very, very pleased. It’s a delightful galley of a place, long and lean and filled with tip top service and lovely details, like cool decor (a painting of a ship!), eco-friendly towels in the loo, and flowers matching one of the owners names, Lily (super kind and lovely!), and wafting deliciously about. The food was mighty fine, too. Roasted radishes in brown butter (gasp!), deviled eggs done three ways, deep fried and glorious chick peas a whisper on the tongue, and knock out Manila clams. Wowie, not a complaint to be heard.

Best dining companion, ever. Who am I kidding? Best companion, ever!

Oh, and the drink is spectacular as well. That’s a Gin Botanical hard cider by Seattle Cider, with a scent so clean and apple-y that I had a hard time deciding whether I liked it or the flavor better, a very close call. My drink, the European Union, was a quite perfect one, if I do say so.

Hello kitty!

A plethora of cool architecture and one stellar mural, Mississippi is good and great and awesome.

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A Rambler American, circa 1964-1965. Isn’t it a beauty?

I love poppy season!

We watched the Winter Hawks beat Edmonton in the first game of the WHL Finals on Saturday. Good golly are they a terrific team! We parked far a way because we are cheap skates and love walking, a match made in heaven. It just so happened to be dry as we ambled and I got these terrific shots in the Lloyd District. As Ray Charles most brilliantly sang, “The night time is the right time…”

Detail of “Rendezvous” by Dane Eisenbart, one of many gorgeously meticulous and highly imaginative pieces currently on display at the Albina Press, where I enjoyed this week’s decaf latte. The hubster had a cappucino. All was right with the world.

Whatever you say, man.

Portland isn’t called the City of Roses for nothing.

One of the best garden borders, ever!

The hubster used the force to find this sign. It is strong in him.

Oh man, this city! Sometimes, when it is rainy, rainy, rainy, and the hubster’s underpants are sopping wet from the bike commute home, we contemplate other places. Dry and sunny, hot, hot, hot! But that’s only impetuous anger. We love this place. It is wildness and humor and the best damn food anywhere on earth, wrapped up in a blanket of green and grey. Everything I want is here, except for the sun for the occasional L O O O N G stretch, but that only makes it more beautiful and warm when it IS here, and sends my body out with infinite gratitude to meet it. Splendid!


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Which celebrates the Mexicans winning a war against the French, I think. But, like any other holiday, the celebrating comes down to food and drink. So some favorite Mexican food it is! This is at Taqueria Nueve, which I sorely missed during its five year absence, even though Tapalaya, also one of my favorite places, lives in its old location.  In particular, the Coctel del Pulpo, a sweet and spicy bit of ambrosia, haunted me. I literally had dreams about it and sought a replacement hither and yon, to no avail. I am most grateful I can get it once more, along with a mighty fine chile relleno and vegetarian tacos. Arriba!

On to La Taq (no website, but next door to Podnah’s and from the same owner), which is really Tex-Mex, but, to me, Mexican food is all in the family. They have super green chile, fantastic tacos, and a pretty spectacular queso, too. Unfortunately my food photos are blurry, probably because I was too hungry and excited to sit still. The kindly bartender is shaking my margarita, my favorite in town, I might add, with the perfect balance of sour and sweet. It’s pretty snazzy!

And back to Mi Casa. The hubster and I had a serious New Mexican food craving yesterday, so we walked to the market for provisions and whipped up a feast. There was green chile, of course, brown rice, smoky garlicky beans, guacamole, and home made tortillas, rolled into gut busting burritos. All turned out muy, muy delicioso, though my Dad would probably be disappointed to learn that I didn’t have any meat in mine. The older I get, the more vegetarian my leanings. Life is full of surprises!

P.S. I almost forgot! Have you tried Xochitl chips? Oh my goodness, they are the best. Thin and crispy, just like the package says and seriously good! A chip gone to heaven and back, maybe. The only problem? I feel like I’m cheating on the glistening chips made in Hood River with these Texas Wranglers. Sorry!

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