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One cannot fix one’s eyes on the commonest natural production without finding food for a rambling fancy.

Jane Austen

Mansfield Park



How about that assortment of fabric?  All are Liberty of London prints purchased at Target this past Sunday.  My friend Meegan organized a group to meet at our local store for the big launch.  We all arrived bright and early (8:00) for the hullabaloo, made even harder by the fact that we’d all sprung forward.  Then the oddity started.

As this Target had no over night team to ready the displays, everything, save a few dresses and swim suits at the front of the store were all that had been unpacked.  So, imagine a growing crowd of women hovering around a single Target team member hoping for the next best thing in Liberty!  It was a bit of a mad scene, at times.  Thankfully, I was just along for the ride.  I had not pinned my hopes on buying anything, save maybe a dress for a tropical adventure, so I was not disappointed when the really serious ladies were filling shopping carts with everything they could.

Again, oddly enough, the hubster made out with more than I did – the purple and green on the left is a tie, and the wild peacock print is a pair of boxers.  Although he did not know it until I arrived home – he had no intention of losing sleep to be at Target, of all places.  I did find a dress, in the girl’s department, as, even though every association I have with Liberty is all about cotton, every dress and blouse for women was made of polyester.  No thanks.  So that’s my pattern in the background.

More odd, as I was loitering and enjoying the melee, I saw a familiar face, and scanning through the Rolodex of my mind thought the woman might be another Portland blogger.  I kept watching, feeling more certain, before asking, “Are you The Eggplant?”  Much to my delight, her reply was a resounding, “Yes!” and we had some shared giggles over the cute patterns and the madness of it all.  A fun and funny Sunday morning, to be sure.

The hubster and I went on a bit of an MP3 bender this past weekend, buying a wide range of songs, including the awesome “Empire State of Mind” with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.  That tune really gets me going, so full of hope, possibility, and power!  It got a lot of play around the house, though not nearly as much as this bunch.  America – the ultimate seventies band.  We’ve had “A Horse With No Name” for a while, but yearned for some of their other greats, so here’s the new play list:

“Ventura Highway”

“Tin Man”

“Sister Golden Hair”



“A Horse With No Name”

This music has always possessed a certain magical quality for me.  It is as if, through the listening, I see the world through a slightly blurry Super 8.  It is a warm summer day, and I am ageless and dancing, arms extended, with the sun in my eyes.  The colors are washed out and my hair, wild and twirling, is like laughter and abundant joy.

Have a fantastic weekend!



The loudly simmering whirlwind renders

Golden bolts of bronzed shelter.

Knotted, but paradise.

Mossy, ruby ladder

Running cold.

Roses ramble,

Watching music, night, and rain.

Colleen Sohn


My blogger friend Lori asked me what I thought of the Oscars.  The answer, as seen in in this slightly outdated photo of me: friends, I cried.

First, I cried at all the excitement and hope of the people in attendance, the fans waiting for a glimpse of a star.  Then of course, it was the dresses, the beautifully draped fabrics, shimmering violet, blue, red, and gold.  Then it was the winners (none of them disappointments, for once) and their heartfelt speeches.  I kept exclaiming, aloud to myself, “That’s so nice!” and “How sweet!”  Then it was the fact that a woman won best director for the first time in history yet did not make it about that but rather the film and the infinitely brave people who place themselves in harm’s way every single day, at home and abroad.  There was no shortage of tears.  Thank goodness I was alone, for a guest might not have known what to do with Little Miss Waterworks.  Heck, I’m a little weepy as I type this, in memory, and the fact that the sound track to Out of Africa is playing in the background, and that, like so much music, always gets to me.

In all honesty, I cry a lot, for all manner of reasons:  joy, kindness, love, cruelty, injustice, fear, longing, and, sometimes, I honestly couldn’t tell you why.  The tears just come.  I used to be embarrassed by this fact, which was made worse by someone exclaiming, and not in a friendly way, “You cry at the drop of a hat!”  But in his infinite love and understanding, and my great privilege, the hubster told me it was such a gift, to feel so openly and honestly.  I just can’t help myself, nor do I want to.

I am waking up, realizing this isn’t very specific to the actual Oscars, besides the crying, so a list:

* I liked the Neil Patrick Harris opener, but not because I like numbers like this, I just like him.  He’s got gusto and makes me laugh.

* Alec and Steve were a little off in the opening but came into their own.  I especially liked their hotel room scene.

* I really liked the dancing to the music of the best original score nominees.

* I liked the tribute to John Hughes, felt a little confused by the horror tribute (Jaws is horror?), and very sad when I remembered everyone who died, especially Brittany Murphy.

*As I stated earlier, for the first time I can remember, I wasn’t disappointed by any of the winners, so that was nice.

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