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The hubster and I watched Mr. Mom earlier this week, a video tape which, as kids, my brothers and I literally wore out from watching it so much.  When bits of the storyline kept popping into my head, and I began to wonder if it really was worth wearing out a video tape as a tween-teen, I could not help but put it at the top of the Netflix queue.  Unlike Meatballs, I did not cringe in horror and immediately stop the train wreck from polluting my mind with garbage.

If you don’t know the story, Jack is laid off from a job in the auto industry and his wife, Caroline, finds work before him.  He stays home with their three kids, going through all the phases: overwhelmed and clueless; chubby, bearded, and obsessed with The Young and the Restless; eventually rising to uber-efficient power Dad status.  We also watch the travails of a “pretty” mom with a job in the early eighties.  I don’t think it could be much more politically incorrect.

We watched and laughed, grateful that you can go back, sometimes.  Though it had its cheesy moments, it was still funny and sweet, and made me remember my long ago days with a “woobie,” though mine had no fancy title.  It’s a great cast, too, all perfect for their roles – Michael Katon, Terri Garr, Christopher Lloyd, Jeffrey Tambor, Ann Jillian, and those adorable kids.

Which reminds me, when I worked at the Gap, I sold a leather jacket to Ann Jillian.  She was super nice!

I might as well keep it going.  Here are all the “famous” people I can recall  seeing or meeting:

Jimmy Stewart – I ditched a day of college to meet him at the Tattered Cover – totally worth it!

Andy Garcia – filming a scene near the Tivoli in Denver.

Will Smith – filming a scene in New York.

Kelly Ripa – walking her little boy in a stroller on Prince Street in NY.

Gary Hart – I rode an elevator with him.  There was NO monkey business.

Boy George – buying sushi at Alfalfa’s on Capitol Hill in Denver.

Johnny Rotten – back stage at Red Rocks.

David Wilcox – twice – once in Denver at a signing and once after a show in Boulder.

Quiet Riot – back stage at Big Mac (that truly dates me doesn’t it?).

This one is going waay back – Steve Railsback from a movie called The Golden Seal with my very first BF from elementary school, Ann.  I think the seal was there too!


The Beginning

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.

That will be the beginning.

Louis L’Amour

Last Thursday, I ventured north to Bellingham, Washington for my long anticipated class with Shiva Rea. I had never driven that far on my own before (about five hours), and the writer in me created all kinds of awful scenarios in which I did not return in one piece (the price for creativity!).  I prepared for many eventualities, every last duck in a row, and left very dark (seriously Spring, no need to be so shy) and early.  Thankfully, the drive went off without a hitch, a succession of NPR news stories, jazz, and rock and roll.

When I exited the highway hours later, my stiff legs itching for a stretch (yoga!), I had the first of many indications that none of my visions of doom would come to fruition.  The sun started to peek through the clouds and a Bald Eagle swooped over my car.  Talk about a warm welcome!

I arrived at the class after a picture perfect afternoon (more on that tomorrow), a warm, light-filled room, with equally warm and friendly strangers of all stripes.  Then Shiva arrived and the magic began.  With the beat of a drum, the raven spirit invocation (even more auspicious, considering my deep love of crows and ravens), curious, mischievous, dancing and spreading his wings, inviting us all to fly.  This was followed by a truly amazing, heart liberating kirtan with Dave Stringer (like this).  I sang at the top of my voice, every cell pulsing, full of joy, and ready for practice.  The sadhana was kick-my-ass challenging with moments of silliness too (Shiva is funny!), everything I hoped for, infused with grooves from Dave and his cohort, and a final round of chanting to bring the magical practice to a close.

It’s pretty amazing when someone you’ve admired for a long time lives up to your expectations, live and in person, and a bit of a relief, too.  I’ve been practicing with Shiva for the past six years, her work, and ours together, inspiring me more than I ever could have imagined.  So when it came came time to thank her, for everything, that in the flesh, no going back, she’s standing right in front of me moment, rather than take my hand extended in gratitude, she embraced me, a hug between “old” friends.  A perfect day, a perfect sadhana, made all the more sweet.  Namaste.

p.s. I hope to get a picture with Shiva next time!

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I realize that this came out a few years ago, but, as I have said before, I’m not terribly good at being of the moment, so there you go.  Besides, good funny is timeless.  “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”  In any case, if you like me and my sense of humor, watch this.  Gaffigan is clean (I might like to drop an f-bomb from time to time, but I’m not crazy about hearing it), subtle, likes to talk about food, and offers spot-on commentary in the third person.  “He’s weird.”  “Is that a blouse?”  “Watch it fella!”  The hubster and I nearly wet ourselves with laughter.  That doesn’t happen nearly often enough!

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