June 16, 2017

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The Chiricahua Mountains – how cool is that name?

We saw dirt devils galore. Kinda cool.

Almost there…

Hello from Bisbee! This is the Lavender Pit Mine – the town’s bread and butter up until 1974. It was mostly mined for copper, with turquoise and other stones serving as lovely byproducts. It’s a looong way down…

This lovely lady, whose name I never caught, sold us honey made by killer bees! The store is a sliver of a place and chock full of sweet goodness.

These three shots¬†are all of the same GIANT agave. The hubster is 6’1″ for reference. Wowie!

After the mine closed, the town was slowly taken over by artists and other eccentrics. Our kind of place!

So many fine murals…

And great gates!

This photo was a very happy accident.

Take the High Road every chance you get!

Fifty-four steps to our lodgings, complete with Dutch door!

Meet one-eyed Jesus, a marker for for the fabulous Shrine hike that follows. Juniper did NOT like him, growling and keeping as far as caninely (not a word?) possible. Perhaps it was the fact that only one of his eyes was painted. Perhaps it was the fact that he was my height and very life-like, yet remained very, very still. I’m not sure. Nevertheless, we were amused. Also at this spot, on our way down – we spied a wild javelina! Neat.

Bisbee has cool buildings right, left, and center.

It also has a fine patina of rust and ruin.

Our littlest friend, made on our evening walk. Woof!


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