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Inversion Plus Minus

Lead Pencil Studio

a m e n

Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building

SERA Architects

Keller Fountain

Taking it to City Hall

First Congregational Church

Rebecca at the Well

Beautifully Braided Philanthropist

work in progress…

cardboard boxes + binder clips = beauty


“If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”

seeing double

Tom Poirier

Local Choice Market

Hood to Coast

Best team name ever: The Third Leg is the Hardest

S.E.P. bitches!


the wedding bell, that is…



I’ve been meaning to tell you about my exciting celebrity sighting. A few weeks back, while noshing on a treat from Dairy Queen, Sam Elliott drove by! We exchanged hellos! That voice…

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Latest Film Picks

A Ghost Story – a beautiful meditation on grief and our deep connection to people and places. A bit magical, too.

Sweet Bean – Oh, gosh, gosh, gosh. A fil-um about really recognizing what is important. Kindness. Small joys. Connection to others. Making food that speaks of love and caring.

Lean on Pete – Written and filmed in and around Portland and the great state of Oregon, which always sparks a light in me. A boy whose had more knocks than a person of his age ought takes some more. Also about doing right by those we LOVE. A stunner.

First Man – A brief glimpse into the life of Neil Armstrong: dedicated, earnest, humble, daring, and a little bit sad. Also a lesson in early rocket science – holy guacamole, it’s a wonder any of them lived.

Faces Places – A delightful film about honoring tucked away communities and the people who live and work in them.

American Ultra – a stoner learns he is actually an assassin with some pretty badass skills. Mayhem ensues. Funny and wild and NOT for the faint of heart. There’s a whole lotta blood, peeps.

Maniac – A pharmaceutical trial with questionable ethics brings two broken strangers together. A computer suffers from depression. Sally Field in fabulous glasses. A whole lotta weird. Truly wonderful, too.

The Hero – My guy (remember we had a moment? Scroll ALL the way down…) with the velvet voice! An actor proud of and most fondly remembered for a single role learns he has terminal cancer. With the time that remains, he hopes to make more of his life and amends for past mistakes.

Hearts Beat Loud – A father and daughter create a magical bit of music and do NOT form a band before she leaves for college.  My favorite bit: the daughter is gay, and it is a complete non-issue. How I wish that could be true for everyone.