May 1, 2009

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I wish I had something substantial to say for the Spotlight, it being the day and all, but I don’t, so let’s pretend (oh goodness, how many times did I say that as a child?) that you’re my neighbor, which you kind of are, and we’re chatting over the back fence.  That’s my shadow wearing my favorite hat, waving at you.  Good morning!

How are you today?  I hope well.  I am fantastico.  I awoke to Greg’s warmth next to me and a billowing bedroom curtain.  Gosh, that might be the finest AM combination.  Despite whatever turmoil I might be experiencing, there is always joy in being with the hubster and seeing a curtain fluttering in the breeze.

As for Spotlight potential, I am reading a book, a monster of a book, page wise, probably the longest I’ve read, Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.  That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t written much this week.  I’ve had my nose in that book since Monday.  It is really good too, at least so far.  I’m 475 pages of 1164 into the story, and boy does it have me going.  Who is John Galt, and why would he start such things in motion, really, just because he can?  I don’t know; it seems sort of wicked, but also pretty right on, too.  I think, like Ms. Rand, I am a bit of an Objectivist, though to a lesser degree – I am also a Gemini, and this trumps all!  I kind of wish I could just sit in my comfy chair until it’s done, but I’ve got things to do, like get ready for tomorrow.

That’s the other bit that’s been keeping me from writing.  We’re having a party for the neighbors tomorrow.  I’m calling it an “afternoon social” with lemonade, chips, dips, and four kinds of cookie – sugar, chocolate drop, gingersnap, and my triple threat peanut butter.  I’ve got the dough for the first three cookies made, a batch of lemonade in the freezer, so we’ll have lemonade ice rather than diluting something so delicious, and two of the three dips ready to go.  Now, I need to get some weeds pulled, the last bit of bark mulch and rocks spread in the yard, the vacuum out to tackle the dust bunnies, mop the floors, and clean the icky mess that is my stove top.

Oh yes, that’s something else special that happened to keep me from the blog.  I made omelets with my friend Amber yesterday, and she got to see said stove top in all its dirty glory.  We had a grand time making our delicious omelets (filled with roasted asparagus, mushroom, and Willamette Valley gouda, zowie!), chatting, and enjoying a bit of sun out in the yard.  It’s funny how a person can be in your life for literally years, yet there is so much you don’t know.  I’m glad we had the chance to get to get better acquainted yesterday.  It’s like having a lens you thought was clear come into greater focus – the colors are brighter, sharper, and even more eye-catching.  Thanks Amber.

I better get a move on, so much to do!  Think good thoughts for dry weather until 4:00 tomorrow because if everyone comes, there will be fifty of us crowded in the house.  After that, I don’t mind if it pours.  As a matter of fact, I’d rather like it.

Have a great weekend!