April 8, 2012

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Hello peeps! It’s Easter and you may likely be full of Peeps at the moment, all their pastels-on-acid goodness. This is Friday night. Sunny Friday night, hoot and holler! Did I tell you that we had record rainfall in March? The wettest, with just shy of eight inches. I could talk like a lady or a sailor and still have it be impressive. The hubster and I celebrated a well deserved day of sunshine at Branch (we’re actually enjoying number three with no rain, huzzah!) and the hope of quelling that major pain in my neck with whiskey. Sometimes it is the right thing to do.

Old Fashioneds and Rickeys with water chasers.

They were playing heavy metal on the hi-fi, so the hand gesture was called for. My neighbor and I were contemplating a “Rock You Like a Hurricane” duet before the yummy-licious food arrived. It would have been epic.

That was cocktail numero dos. For those who know me up-close-and-personal, this is quite something. I am a one hit wonder kind of gal. A cheap date. A party favor. Sometimes you gotta break the rules.

I love murals, well, good ones, anyway.