June 29, 2012

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This is the light of morning, after an early rise Wednesday, thirsty after a late night date with Carson Daly. It was a good show that one, with music from The Naked and Famous, “Punching in a Dream” and “Young Blood,” and a beyond beautiful looking movie from director Benh Zeitlin called Beasts of the Southern Wild (review here). The fil-um is in the queue and the sounds are on the hi-fi. Sho-nuff and many thanks, Mr. Daly.

It was the first warm day for what seemed like ages, dry and sunny, and I wore a dress and sandals, no cardigan required. Hello summer, I’m so glad you could join us.

I drove downtown to pick up the hubster from work, and we headed northwest to Cafe Nell. All the windows were open, happily wrapping us in the breeze. I hit the jackpot with their drink called the Williamsburg – whiskey and absinthe, big and strong like ox! It’s a good thing I was not driving home because I couldn’t even finish one. I told you – I am a cheap date.

We ate delicious food worthy of kings: clams and frites! asparagus! trout! spring pea risotto!

A molten lava cake!

Just look at that spoon, eager to dive back in.

We also very much enjoyed the company of our servers, a whole host of handsome fellas in Levi’s, save the one black sheep with a brand I didn’t know, whose pillow perm was a perfect match to his sweet smile. We talked of music, being the black sheep (I am old hat at that), art, writing, and stylish spectacles. A very fine evening.

Here’s hoping the weekend, yours and mine, is equally grand…

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