June 2017

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This post is actually kind of funny, not haha but curious. Because I like order, this is actually the end of our trip, but it seemed silly to have a little New Mexico here and a little there. So welcome to my neatly boxed brain of chaos.

This same brain can’t get over how green it all is, so used to the colors of winter – flaxen and bleached. If you are curious, the top two photos are from Gallup, where we only popped in at the El Rancho and didn’t, a la Bob Hope, stay the night, but did partake of a great lunch at Garcia’s and wandered a bit, imagining our sweet Juniper Beulah’s beginnings in this dusty town. We wondered if anything looked or smelled familiar to her, but she gave nothing away.

After that it is Farmington and the Animas River running swift, before winding northeast through Chama. The Cumbres & Toltec Narrow Gauge begins our final stretch into Colorado. How about the Conejos River Valley from on high? Beautiful, just beautiful, and on to San Luis with stellar murals and hilltop chapel. Finally, over La Veta pass, twelve days gone, to spy the Spanish Peaks and zoot on up I-25. There’s no place like home.

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Duran, New Mexico

I’ve got a thing for windmills.

The lovely Carrizozo Cafe treated us right. We had a delicious lunch, and our server shared a piece of his birthday cake with us. So sweet!

Organ Mountains

Told ya so.


For my nephew.

The New Mexico State University campus – I thought this was some sort of Portland-style street graffiti. It was actually a warning. Use an umbrella or risk having hawks dive bomb your head! We saw the perpetrators but did not fall victim.

Desert plants fascinate me – all those hairy beautiful blossoms in such harsh conditions.

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A While

Everything in life is just for a while.

Philip K. Dick

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There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

Ernest Hemingway



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