April 20, 2018

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one foot


wind blown


Wind Dancer

H.W. Tatum

Rollerblading Nun

She gave a homeless man candy bars and called him by name.



I’ve owned a Swiss Army knife since I was a teenager. It’s a big, bad-ass version, not with ALL the things, but darn close (the Swiss Champ, sans pliers or pen and pin, ruh-roh). The first longest stretch I’ve been without it happened on my honeymoon, when it was stolen from my pocket in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, a VERY sad day! I had to wait to replace it until arriving in Switzerland, which was actually pretty special. I still remember climbing up these steep steps to a tiny chalet and being utterly dazzled by the selection.

The second was this trip. I swore I put it in my purse and was wrecked when I went to slice an avocado and couldn’t find it. Every day, I would have a need for it, and every day I would be heartbroken not to have it. Then, under this sculpture in Corpus Christi (what say you, flowers or spurs?), I found one, nonchalant and half-hidden in the grass. Not as special as mine, but darn sweet. One of those grand times when the universe tipped its hat in my favor. Hey there, this blade was well loved and lost, but I know you’ll take good care of it. You bet I will.

tussock moth caterpillar

I heart Guadalupe

small mouth

Texas Surf Museum – it’s FREE, but they’ll gladly take a donation.


Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens



Goodbye, Corpus Christi!